How to Remove Tear Stains on Dogs

There is one thing that will catch your attention for sure when you try to learn how to remove tear stains on dogs – it’s the wide variety of options available. There simply isn’t a single solution for this problem.

Below you will find some of the methods you can experiment with in order to remove tear stains from your dog. They are all easy and you can try most of them at home.

Remove Tear Stains on Dogs by Cutting the Stained Fur

A common solution for tear stains on dogs is to cut the stained fur near their eyes. When it grows again, it won’t be stained anymore.

However, the problem about this method is that it can’t be safely applied to short-furred dogs such as Chihuahuas. Moreover, it doesn’t really act upon the origin of the tear stains.

Remove Tear Stains on Dogs by Paying Attention to Their Health

Your dog’s overall health condition can play an important role in your tear stain removal plan. How healthy is your dog? Has he been plagued by infections, allergies or fleas? What does he eat and drink?

You must take all of these factors into consideration if you wish to remove tear stains on dogs for good. For example: the mineral levels in the water your pet drinks can give cause to stains on his fur; an allergy may lead to excessive tearing, which will inevitably result in stains; ear infections can cause abnormal tearing and subsequent staining as well.

Dog Tear Stain Removal with Contact Cleaners

Although there are dozens of products in the market which promise to remove tear stains on dogs, you probably don’t need to purchase any of those. In fact, you may already have a quite effective product at home: the 3-in-1 solution used to clean contact lenses. The brand doesn’t matter.

You will remove tear stains on dogs by applying the contact cleaner solution directly on the affected area, after you bathe your pet. Dry any excess with a towel.

How to Remove Tear Stains on Dogs with Yogurt

Several pet owners have found that plain yogurt can be an ally when they need to remove tear stains on dogs.

If you want to try this method, you must buy plain vanilla yogurt and offer your dog one teaspoon everyday. Just let your dog lick the spoon until it’s clean. You won’t see immediate results though. You must wait approximately three weeks before this dog tear stain removal technique becomes noticeable.

How Not to Remove Tear Stains on Dogs

Regardless of the dog tear stain removal method you choose, there’s something you should keep in mind: never expose your pet to unnecessary risks.

A quick research might lead you to Web sites that claim to teach the right way to remove tear stains on dogs. However, more often than not the tricks taught on such pages involve suspicious home made recipes, employing ingredients such as peroxide and milk of magnesia. Absolutely do not try any of these recipes without talking with a veterinarian first.

Remember, your wish to remove tear stains on dogs cannot be placed above your pets’ health and safety.


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