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How to Repair a GPS Receiver

  • By orange en
  • Published 07/14/2011

Make your trips easier by acclimation the basal problems of your GPS unit. A lot of GPS units are banal and can accept accidental issues. These issues can actualize aggravation and even a assurance hazard. Regardless of the architect or model, a lot of accepted issues can be remedied afterward simple processes. Avoid the accuse all-important for a artisan to do the aliment and do it yourself

1 Ensure that the maps accept been adapted by either downloading from the manufacturer’s website or by acclimation map amend anamnesis cards. If the map is old or obsolete, again the advance of biking can be incorrect and aswell credibility of absorption can be faulty, causing issues in case of emergencies. Some models automatically amend the maps and that affection needs to actuate in the card system.

2  Power issues can chronicle to the battery, the ability adapter and aswell the aperture in the vehicle. Test the array by removing the GPS from its cradle and seeing if it holds the power. If the array is faulty, the array can be removed from the case and, depending on the model, it will charge altered tools. If the array is fine, analysis the cradle connectors to ensure they are in acceptable shape. If the vehicle’s ability aperture is defective, try accepting the GPS cradle hardwired to the battery.

3 If the turn-by-turn admonition are not working, admission the card and verify that the actual audio settings are in place. Each architect has altered audio controls, and some articulation appearance charge to be adapted to accredit turn-by-turn directions. Some GPS Receiver units charge firmware updates to acquiesce customized choir to accomplish correctly.

4 Touch-screen issues can be adequate by accessing the account card on some devices. This can be done by acute on assertive icons for an continued aeon of time. For instance, on TomTom units the array figure can be captivated down to admission the customization screens.

5 Bluetooth options can be repaired by ensuring the appropriate settings are activated. Some GPS accessories are adverse with assertive buzz models and will not acquiesce hands-free calling. They will aswell not plan if sending advice such as buzz contacts lists. With some GPS manufacturers, if the Bluetooth arresting is not working, again displace the GPS to the manufacturer’s setting.

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