How to Repair CD Rom Drive

There is nothing worse than putting a CD ROM into the drive, and having it sit there and do absolutely nothing. There are several things you can do besides pulling out your hair.

One of the first things you can do is to see if the computer is actually recognizing that the drive exists. Go to your device manager. Go to the Start button; follow that to Control Panel, and then Device Manager.

Once there, you can access your CD-ROM Drive, and see if the computer actually knows it’s there. If you don’t see your drive in Device Manager, there are a couple of hardware tricks to try. Power down the computer, using the proper procedure – make certain you are not likely to transfer any static electricity to the computer and open the back.

Locate the CD-ROM drive, and check a couple of things. Is either the data cable or the power cable loose? If so, push them in securely. It can even help you to pull them both out completely, and replace them.

Turn the computer back on, and check to see if the drive is shown. You can also go to Computer, and see if the CD-ROM drive shows up.

If you still do not see a CD-ROM drive, perhaps the data cable has failed. Try replacing it, and checking to see if your computer recognizes the drive.

Another way you might be able to fix the problem, is to remove the drive completely from the computer, and use a can of air to clean out the drive. You will need to unplug the cables, and locate the four screws that hold the drive in the computer bay.

If your computer recognizes the drive but does not work, go into Device Manager, and click on the tab “Driver”. You can try to update the driver, and if that doesn’t work, you can uninstall the CD-ROM drive and power down. When you restart the computer, often it will recognize the “new” CD-ROM, and install the driver.

Occasionally, a driver for a piece of hardware will become corrupted. Then it is necessary to locate and install a new driver. Drivers sometime become outdated when you install updates to your operating system.

These are only a few ideas on repairing a CD-ROM drive. You can look on the internet to find others. For the most part, using one or more of these suggestions will work to get your CD-ROM drive working again. If you still cannot get the computer to read the drive, then perhaps it is time to accept that the drive is dead. Frankly, a CD-ROM drive is not as expensive as one might think.

These steps are not guaranteed to work, as computer equipment sometimes just happens to fail. Dust and dirt can get into the computer, heat can damage components, and parts simply wear out.

Maintaining your computer and keeping dust and dirt out of it will go a long way in preventing component failures, such as your CD-ROM drive giving out on you when you need to install a new program, or want to play a game.


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