How to Revive Wilted Flowers


Authored by Haliyma Barrow in Gardening
Published on 03-04-2011

From time to time you may have a gorgeous bouquet that starts to droop. In order to save them, it is essential for you to acquire gardening expertise on how to revive wilted flowers. It is possible to save your bunch of flowers without throwing it away, but this must be done before the flowers become too droopy. Sometimes a flower has lived for as long as it can and cannot be restored from its limp state. This may be the case for many bouquets, but it is always worth the effort to revive them to their natural state.

Fill a vase with warm water. Ensure that the water is not too hot as you do not want to kill the flower. The point of this exercise is to restore the flower to its original state. If you are unsure of how to measure the temperature of the water, it is recommended that the water be on the cooler side.

Hold the stem of the flower under the running water and use a sharp knife to cut the stem. The cut should be made at a 45 degree angle and about 1/2 to 1 inch from the bottom of the stem.

Place the flower in the vase and take out any leaves that may have fallen into the water. Set the vase in a cool place and let the flower soak for five minutes to two hours. This process will hydrate the flower and help to restore the drooping plant.

Keep the flower away from direct sunlight, cold drafts or any heat sources. These conditions will hinder the restoration process of the flaccid flower. Also, do not place flowers near unwrapped fruits and vegetables. The latter produces ethylene which will shorten the flowers’ lifespan.

If the water level goes down, fill the vase again and add some preservative. You can also change the water every two to three days to ensure good conditions for the rebirth of the droopy flower.

Keep checking the firmness of the flower. Once it has been properly hydrated it will become firm and at this point it can be returned to its usual vase or flower foam. The beauty of the wilted flower will be returned for you to enjoy.

The main problem that causes a flower to wilt is when an air bubble gets into the stem. When the stem is cut and placed into the warm water this allows the air bubble to safely exit the stem and recover from its wilted state. It is possible for the flower to be restored, but it is based on the extent of lifelessness that the flower displays. If the flower has lived to its full term and starts to wilt it is highly unlikely that it can be revived. In such a case, you should get rid of it. However, having wilted flowers does not always mean it’s time to dispose of them. It is still worth an attempt to see if the recommended procedure will work.


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