How to Sanitize a Carpet

Because a carpet that is not cleaned on a regular basis can hold dust and debris that can cause such conditions as allergies and asthma to exist, it’s important to keep your carpeting regularly maintained. Besides routine daily vacuuming, carpets must also be sanitized to keep dust as well as odors at bay.

One of the best ways to sanitize a carpet is to steam clean it as this type of sanitizing measure will remove most the dust and grime that tends to accumulate over time. This type of cleaning is well-suited for anyone who owns a pet too as steam breaks down the underlying odors thus getting rid of any bad scents.

Dirt is the primary reason for the precipitate fading and wear of carpeting. Therefore, daily vacuuming and routine steam cleaning are a must.

Countering stains is also a part of the sanitization process. Therefore, to prevent staining, make sure a spill is removed immediately. If you must use a spot cleaner, it should be gentle in order to keep the carpet fibers intact and free from damage. Make sure then that the cleaners you use are not highly acidic or alkaline in nature. When treating a stain, softly blot up the residue with a white cloth. In addition, although you want your carpet to be exceptionally clean, don’t over apply any cleaning chemical as this can remove the dye in the carpeting. Blot, don’t rub any spills as doing so can ground in a stain.

In some cases, in lieu of using professional services, disinfectants can be used to keep microorganisms from invading your carpet. There are a number of chemicals that handle distinct problems in this regard. For example, sporocides are used to eliminate spores while viricides are employed to eradicate viruses and fungicides, as the name suggests, are helpful in getting rid of fungi. Bactericides can be used to remove bacteria on some carpeting but be aware that they’re not suitable for stain-resistant fibers. Therefore, whenever you use any disinfectants make sure they’re compatible for use on your particular carpeting.

To protect your carpet without harming the fibers then, daily vacuuming and steam cleaning by a professional contractor are the best ways to sanitize your carpet to avert the damaging effects many chemicals can present.

If you want to kill odors while vacuuming your carpet, add baking soda to the bag. Also, make sure you clean the high-traffic areas and give them most of your attention. To prevent further dirt being tracked into the house, make it a rule to place mats at your front and back doors inside and outside the home. If shoes or boots are really filthy, make certain the wearer parks them at the entry before setting a foot further inside the house. This preventive measure can do a lot in the way of keeping your carpet clean and your household healthy.

Cleaning your carpet regularly is essential, as stated, for the health of your family. Not only does dirt detract from the looks of your carpeting it can make you and your family’s life miserable as well. By not making it a practice to regularly clean your carpet, family members can suffer from respiratory problems and hay fever type symptoms. These symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, nose and throat irritation, burning and watery eyes, runny nose, dermatitis, headache and even fatigue.

Therefore, sanitization is essential not only to the beauty and wearability of your carpet but equally as important to the health of your family.


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