How to Save Money at Luxury Hotels

Traveling can be expensive, and in an economy where every penny counts, it’s hard to justify spending extra money for a luxury hotel. But with a few good pointers, you can stay in a five star hotel for less.

Tip number one: The first thing you can do to save money in a luxury hotel is to book a less desirable room. For instance, if you are staying at a beachside resort, book a room with an angle front view or an interior view. These rooms are significantly cheaper than the ocean front rooms. Also, look into booking a hotel off the main road. There are many fine hotels located one road off the main one. These hotels are also significantly less expensive than the ones on the main thoroughfare.

Tip number two: Do not opt for any of the “optional” amenities. This means hands off the mini bar, room service, laundry service, valet parking, or anything else you can do yourself. These services are expensive, and not necessary. If you choose to have in-room cocktails, make them yourself. If you want food delivered, try a free delivery service from a local restaurant. Odds are, the food and drink will be better than what’s offered at the hotel, and significantly less expensive.

Tip number three: Leave the pets at home. Many luxury hotels are pet-friendly, for a fee. This fee can run anywhere from $200 up, and is usually non-refundable. Instead, hire a pet sitter, or board your pets in a veterinary office or boarding facility.

Tip number four: Don’t take souvenirs. Those robes may be nice, but they are not complimentary. Each item you use or remove from the room will be an extra charge. If you do happen to forget something, go to a local retail establishment and buy it. The item will cost you far less than using one that the hotel has provided.

Tip number five: Get an online quote. Plan your trip around the hotel’s busy schedule. Most hotels experience seasonal increases and decreases in traffic. If you take your trip when projected guest volume is low, you will get a better rate than when the volume is expected to be high. If you can’t plan your trip around the seasonal influx, try to plan to stay on the days that the hotel is expecting less traffic, like through the week and not on the weekend.

Utilizing these tips and tricks will help you stay in the dream resort of your choice, without the expense. Keep in mind that a room at a luxury hotel will still be significantly more than staying in a lesser hotel, but the tricks above will help you make less of an impact to your wallet.


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