How to Save Money by Going Green


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Environment
Published on 11-23-2009

Going green used to be known as going frugal. People once used reducing, reusing and recycling to save money. Going green was a side benefit of being thrifty. Now it seems people save money as a side benefit to going green. Whichever way you look at it, saving money by going green or going green to save money, your benefit is doubled.

Reducing Purchases

Buying less means spending less money. Save money by spending less. Going green by refusing to purchase unneeded merchandise is a direct way to save money. Why is reducing purchases a going green practice? The less products produced, the less waste products we throw away and the more money we save.

Reducing Packaging

Why is this a going green practice? Think of all the packaging products your family throws away throughout the year. Multiply this by the number of families in the world and you have a huge environmental problem. How does reducing packaging save money? Reducing packaging saves money because it saves costs for retailers. They pass on that savings to the rest of us through lower prices.


Going green means reusing goods until they are no longer useful. Using goods to their fullest potential saves us money. Rather than buying a new appliance when the old one breaks, we repair it. This saves the cost of replacement. Save money by repairing goods or reusing them for another purpose before throwing them away.


Going green means using packaging or used goods for another purpose. Save money that would have been spent on drinking glasses by using food jars as everyday cups and glasses. Save money by turning kitchen waste into going green compost. You can even save money by freezing leftovers to make the food dollar go further.


We all recognize recycling as a way of going green. Going green can save money and even generate money. Depending on what is recycled, there may be a cash payment involved. Recycling saves us all money by lowering packaging and manufacturing costs. Once again, these saving are passed on to consumers through lower prices.

Public Transportation

Using public transportation is one of the most effective ways of going green. Save money on fuel, maintenance and other vehicle ownership costs by using public transportation. Going green by walking saves money and the earth too. The less we rely on fossil fuels, the closer we are to a green planet. Save money by riding your bike as well.

Fuel efficiency

Those who do decide car ownership is a necessity can find other ways to go green and save money. Purchasing the most fuel efficient model within your budget saves money and the environment. Regular vehicle maintenance keeps cars running efficiently and saves money on repairs. Using your vehicle only when necessary is another way to go green and save money.

Going green is a money saving solution by nature. Save money by reducing, reusing and recycling goods. Bring your own shopping bag to reduce cost for retailers and keep prices low. Going green with public transportation and fuel efficient cars saves money too. Going green can save the earth and your money at the same time.


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