How to Save Money on Flooring


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Home Improvement 
Published on 10-16-2009

If you are considering replacing old flooring, you can use these simple methods to save yourself money. Even expensive flooring doesn’t need to cost you too much if you consider all the ways you can easily save money. Use these simple tips on how to save money on flooring the next time you replace a floor.

How to Save Money on Flooring: Periodic Sales

It’s quite easy to find a local or online store that has periodic sales on flooring. This of course is the best time to purchase new flooring as you can get quality without the expensive prices. Several times a year, many retail suppliers typically run sales during slow periods to boost business. Check through catalogs and your local newspaper to find upcoming deals.

How to Save Money on Flooring: Discounted Stock

Although not as common as periodic sales, you can sometimes find a manufacturer selling the last of a discontinued stock. When a flooring manufacturer discontinues a specific product, you can usually purchase it for a great discount price. These retailers are usually trying to get rid of the product quickly so you may be able to buy large quantities for a very low price. When purchasing a discounted stock item, it’s important to buy enough flooring for the project and extra. This is especially important in this type of situation because once the flooring is sold, you won’t be able to go back and purchase more.

How to Save Money on Flooring: Out of Style

Once a type of flooring goes out of style, you can usually find it at a good discount price. What may be considered “out of style” by flooring manufacturers may be a good choice for your older home or style. Before going right towards the newer flooring, take a look at some of the older types to see if you prefer the style and the price.

How to Save Money on Flooring: Damaged Stock

When a product is damaged, usually caused by shipping, manufactures are not able to sell it. Depending on how bad the damage is, you can usually save tons of cash by purchasing a box of damaged stock. If only the ends of the flooring is damaged, you can use this problem to your advantage by simply cutting off the ends and save yourself from purchasing the flooring at full price.

How to Save Money on Flooring: Shop Around

When deciding on a specific type of flooring for a room, it’s important to shop around for the best price. Commonly, you will be able to find very similar flooring at different manufacturers for various prices. It’s better to shop around and find a type of flooring that you’re interested in at a lower price then hurry the process and pick the first type of flooring you come across. You may come across a great deal.

How to Save Money on Flooring: Conclusion

If you are planning on replacing old flooring, consider some of the easy methods of saving money on new flooring. While many people just buy the first product that catches their eye, you can save hundreds by just taking your time and shopping around.


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