How to Save the Rainforests

Rainforests are one of the most visceral ecosystems on our planet, almost single handedly responsible for cleaning up the air and providing fresh oxygen for us mammals to breathe. Described as the “lungs of the earth”, rainforests are also home to one third of the species on earth and they only cover about two percent of the land. So, why are they being burned down and decimated? And what can we do to save them?

The task to save the rainforests is not necessarily simple, but only requires a bit of conscious effort to make a difference. For starters, there is a large need for education and awareness on the subject. The importance of rainforests to future generations is a topic that, while obvious, many people don’t seem to think about. So make them.

Each one, teach one is the philosophy that must be adopted when it comes to saving the rainforests. Taking just a little time to talk to someone you know about the importance of the rainforests will make them talk to someone they know, and those people will talk to someone they know, and so on, until the chain becomes larger and larger. Now, imagine if you talk to five people, and then they each talk to 5 people, and those talk to 5 more. Huge impact!

Raising awareness on the issue of saving the rainforest can also be as simple as wearing a t-shirt. There are plenty of organizations that make these to promote themselves. You can donate money as well, and help others become conscious of these organizations’ efforts. Promoting the cause in this way helps a lot, even if it’s subconsciously. You can even make your own t-shirts with save the rainforest slogans and propaganda.

A big hands-on step you can also take is planting seeds, or even trees. Some of the organizations that save the rainforests have programs that plant tree nurseries, and are constantly looking for volunteers to join in their efforts. This is a fun way to not only help, but to meet like-minded people who also care for their environment. Not to mention you will undoubtedly learn a thing or two.

Another simple way to help save the rainforests is by increasing your recycling efforts. Make sure you recycle as much as you can, and reuse things such as plastic bags and bottles. Try to buy things that come in less packaging, or supporting companies that do their part by using biodegradable and recycled materials. Supporting companies that use a green approach is important when it comes to saving the rainforest, because this will encourage other companies to start using more environmentally friendly packaging for their products as well.

Bear in mind the importance of keeping a healthy, balanced planet, and the difference one person can make. By educating others and raising awareness you are doing an enormous favor to our most valuable ecosystem. To save the rainforest is essentially saving the world, so go out, and make sure everyone else is on board!


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