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How to save your money

  • By Jackie Louis
  • Published 03/17/2011
  • Non-Fiction

It’s believed that many friends have the experience of buying electronic products in digital market. The salesman’s endless comments have got many customers dizzy. They do not know which one to buy. We should nationally face on the arrival of promotional boom on the market at the present. How can we choose our gratified, cheap ones?   1. Seek out the bottom price by comparison. As the saying goes: To know your enemy and yourself, you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. It’s important to know the actual price of the product before buying. Most sellers don’t mark out the original price when they quote out the promotional price. So we need to be careful. We can make a rough estimate of the price by visiting more counter pries. With this process, we can go on talking about the price. Otherwise we may buy the product expensive.   2. Change promotional gifts into cash. It’s a common way of offering gifts to customer during promotion. In seller’s side, the price of offering promotional gifts is for not give any opportunity to customers for lowing the price. We must know how to judge on the issue of accepting gifts or continue to bargain. Because the price for promotional gift is usually higher than the product itself. We can talk with the seller the price of the product with the gift, and tell them to add the discount of the gift into your product. Then the price for this product will be much lower.   3. Bulk business. Many customers have no experience of bulk business for electronic products. We can get special offer when buying a lot from the seller. We can talk with him with our friends. This is also a way of saving our money.   4. Online shopping. There are some special websites representing some brand products, the price is usually lower than others. Another one is internet auction site. The sellers can get products at a lower price from some channels we don’t know.



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