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How To Score Big With Term Papers

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 09/25/2008
  • Writing

The term paper can be a picky assignment that will sting you if you do not get it right. You should be concerned about the important elements of the assignment such as deadline, thesis statement, outline, style and information resources. When you get the right blend of these basic elements, you are on your way to scoring a decent grade for your paper. The deadline for your term paper is so essential to receive the highest grade possible for your work. Pay attention to the deadline and create a schedule for working on your term paper regularly. You have to make the schedule livable and constant otherwise you will run into a time crunch with any other assignments that may be due at the same time. You will need to work short stretches every day on and off, if your schedule allows you enough time to do so. You can schedule longer periods for those times when you know that you will be devoting your time to something else. As long as you create and keep a regular schedule for term paper work, you should be able to meet your paper’s deadline.

Your thesis statement and outline are integrals parts of one whole package, which can be compared to a rooted tree with leaves. The thesis statement provides the root (subject) and trunk (opinion) of a tree and the supporting topic sentences of each paragraph provide the branches. The foliage is represented by the order of the information (cover page, introduction, body text, conclusion and

citations). The coloring of the foliage is provided by the style and text format. Choose a subject for the term paper with which you are familiar. Otherwise, you will have a more difficult time drawing up your outline. For your outline, you will brainstorm as many words about your subject as you possibly can. The purpose of this exercise is to consider these different aspects and then once you have them all in mind, choose the ones that will truly support your thesis statement perfectly, while keeping in mind that you will need to look through many resources to find supporting evidence for your statement. Ample resources on a given subject are crucial to meeting your deadline easily. If you pick an obscure topic, you may not find all the resources necessary to be provide a persuasive term paper. If necessary, widen your scope when choosing a subject for your term paper. If you do not understand any aspect of the assignment, ask your instructor for further information. Ask your questions as soon as possible after you have been handed the assignment. If you have the teacher’s email address, use it. Anything you can do to avoid stalling on the project will allow you the time that you need to finish the project on schedule.

With the right thesis statement, regular effort and attention to the details, you will hand in a paper that will be readily approved by your instructor. Expressing your opinion through a thesis statement is easier than it sounds if you break it down into manageable bits and continue to work steadily until it is completed.



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