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How to Secure Your Rights as a Father in Child Support and Child Custody

  • By Nelson Davison
  • Published 02/27/2012
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Everything may not look fair when it comes to child custody in Miami. But one needs to understand that legal issues work that way. Everything may not go in your favor. Especially if you are the father, you may feel that you are at a disadvantage. There is no reason to feel that you will be deceived just because you are the father. Like all other states Florida has specific laws to protect the rights of a father in a child custody and child support issue. There is nothing to worry. In Miami child custody is granted to one of the spouses when a married couple gets separated legally. One of the spouses becomes the custodian. In most of the cases, the mother becomes the custodian. Being a father, you may feel that you will be denied your rights and your fear is not baseless. It has been seen in many cases that the mothers are not willing to let the fathers meet their child. You may fear that you will be in a similar situation despite of court orders. You should remember that when custody is given to one parent, the other parent is granted the right to meet the child. Usually the schedules are also set by the court so that the other parent can not ignore it. Since everything comes under legal bindings, none of the parents can ignore the court orders.

However, des

pite of court orders fathers often find it difficult to meet their children because the mothers don’t grant them the permission to see the kids. If you have experience a similar problem, there is nothing to worry. No one can deny you your right, if you pay child support on time. Still if your rights are being denied you can look for to settle the matter. Remember, Miami child custody law is quite stringent. Just as you can not ignore your duties, no one can deny you your rights. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected. However, you should understand that hiring a lawyer will not solve your problem if you have not fulfilled your duties properly. If you don’t pay the child support, it means you have ignored the court orders. In that case a lawyer can not help you in any way. But when you have fulfilled all your duties you are sure to get your rights.

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