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How to select a bag for you?

  • By BrianMHooks Hooks
  • Published 01/16/2011
  • Writing

For men, watches are important while bags are essential for women. When women go out, they will always take a bag. As for them, bags are necessity in their life because bags are not only used to carry things they use all the time but also a fashion to match with their costume. Bags not only symbolize status and taste, but also bring them sense of security. Bags are like their personal partners and they will feel dependable with their bags. In all kinds of occasion, bags are the dependence of their emotion and help them relieve their nerve and worry. But how to choose a women’s bag? Now I will give you some suggestion. In spring and summer, you had better select smaller bags with bright colors and simple styles because people are always in brilliant colors and the bags with the same styles will make you pure and fresh. In autumn and winter, you might choose bigger bags with dark colors as well. In order to avoid the feeling of heaviness between the colors of clothes and bags, you can take some special styles in the designs, such as tassels, brooch and other ornaments. If you are a career woman, a formal bag is much fit for you because this bag will make you dignified and confident. When you go to meet a client or take part in an interview, this kind of bag will be your best choice. Of cause, the formal bag is not old-fashioned, so it will not only show your personality, but also help you give good impression to your clients or interviewers. Casual bags have become necessity for every woman. Now there are all kinds of casual bags in the market, such as satchel, handbags, shoulder bags and so on. Casual bags for women are mainly suitable for shopping or travel. There are enough pockets for them to take small necessary things when they go out, such as cosmetic, mirror, and facial tissue. Besides, ornaments on the casual bags can bring ladies good mood. In a word, bags are the best decoration to match with women’s costume and meantime show their taste and ooze feminine charm, so to select a bag suitable for you is really important. I believe that a pretty bag will bring you much charm and make you a fashion icon. 


by BrianMHooks Hooks



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