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How to select a fashionable watch?

  • By rachel Agee
  • Published 04/10/2011
  • Article Writing

The Christmas Day is approaching, and have you got any idea about which kind of presents you are going to give your beloved one? If the answer is “No”, then a suggestion is made by me about how to choose a perfect watch for your girlfriend or boyfriend.   A man’s wristwatch is the only one useful indicator of his self-image. For a wristwatch is the sole piece of acceptable jewelry apart from the wedding ring which may reveal the owner’s refined sense of taste. What comes first is how to choose the watch perfect for the one you love. Actually, it is not as tricky as you might think. Just like master watchmaker Peter Robert observed:’No bad watches are out there, because they all have to perform the same basic function and perform it well: tell the time’. The prices of the wristwatches are in endless variety. So you’d better choose one which falls into the scope of your purchasing power in consideration of your taste. As far as I am concerned, a dress watch is a necessity for a successful man. Anyway, if attending some formal occasions such as film premieres, opera visits or smart restaurant bookings is unavoidable for your boyfriend, then a day watch may lack occasion. At this time, a classical, slim, time-only gold dress watch is a choice which may make him appear handsome and attractive accompanied with the presence of diamonds inlayed on the watch.   If a high-end luxury watch is a symbol of a man’s success, then why ladies are so crazy about the pursuit of watches at the same time? According to my observation, an absolute majority of the females owns wristwatches of their own in a variety of forms, including the small and exquisite watches. Whether it is a brand luxury one or just ordinary one, ladies’ demands for watches are absolutely no less than men. And for women, the biggest point of their pursuit is that the watches are also considered as a ‘high leveled jewelry. So how to choose a satisfactory wristwatch for a lady? First and foremost, you have to make sure that if she is a pursuit of a brand watch. If Rolex is her favorite, then you can go to Rolex’s official website or the domestic distributors to learn some knowledge about the latest styles, and during the process you may be able to select a style which wins your fondness. Undoubtedly, there are some factors needed to be considered before you rush into a decision, such as the colors, styles and materials, all these are all about personal taste. And what I am going to say is that just do it following your heart.   The author is veteran on cheap swiss Graham watches and composes reviews on the topic for quite a few years.



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