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How to select diamond rings

  • By Messi William A
  • Published 11/11/2010
  • Writing for the Web

What is the use of your diamond ring?   Above all, you need to clear that what is your real purpose of buying diamond. Investing? Marrying? Or usually wearing? Only make it clear can you select your satisfying ring. For example, if you want to invest, you should choose the great carat diamond. And if you intend to wear it in normal times, you’d better buy the beautiful ring with Solid diamond inlayed. The “4C” principle   The”4C”principle is the most important criterion for testing a diamond ring. They are the cut, the color, the clarity and the carat weight. The cut of diamond has a great impact on its gloss. A bad cut will contribute to a matted ring. The colorless diamond is the most valuable. If you want the best diamond ring you can choose the one without any color. The flawless diamond is very rare and of course very expensive. The clarity of the most valuable diamond is that your naked eye can not see the obvious inclusions in it. The hundredweight of diamond is carat. The value of the diamond raises with the carat weight rises in index.Diamond style   The style of diamond ring depends on your preference. If you are a mature lady, you can try the refined and classic one. But I hold opinion that you will looks charming on a sweet and distinctive ring if you are a little lovely girl. How much do you want to spend?   Diamond and gold prices have been rising slowly, and generally will not be devalued. Therefore, I recommend that you come up with a better budget at the basis of affording it, such as about two months’ salary. Even if your salary is not too high, do not worry about it. Because there are many grades of diamond rings for purchase, and there will be many special events held by businesses.


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