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How to select the best mobile phones foar your great father?

  • By Gliamsilliams Eady
  • Published 03/11/2011
  • Fiction

Nowadays,  many friends who have filial piety have been choosing gifts for her  great father. However, many of them also have a headache for this  problem .After all, it is indeed a headache to select the gifts , for  fears of a bad pick, or afraid that your father does not like it. The  Children now usually work outside all the year round and they’re all  busy working, they seldom have time to take good care of their father on  their side. Besides, with times flying, your father is getting older  and older. Therefore, the mobile phone is a good partner for them. It is  a good contact and convenient to report their message.      However,  there are many types of cell phones, how should we choose a suitable  cell phone for aour father’s? Hereby, I would like to recommend you one  cost-effective mobile phone—Nokia 8800.It is indeed of high cost  performance. After my introduction, you’ll find it deserve for buying.   Nokia  8800 is known as a luxury of a successful maan. It is the symbols of the  successful person. Selecting it as a gift for your father is a good  idea. It is noble and practical. Its design and technical content is  nicer than other cell phones.        Its  shell is made of stainless steel laser cutting, with smooth body lines  and full texture. Taking it on one’s hands gives a heavy feeling, which  will make your father feel a sense of accomplishment. 

It  is sleek and elegant in design. With stainless steel ensuring to build  the best fixedness and durability, the body gives us the feels of  comfortable in hand, as well as noble. On the scr

een, Nokia 8800 uses a  26 million color TFT active-matrix color screen, along with 208 × 208  pixels, while the measurements are 107 × 45 × 16.5mm, weighting 134  grams. These data were favorably proved its technology content is  extremely good.       For keyboard, it is made very beautiful in craft. Black keyboard with white lettering perfectly combine with the body. In  addition, Nokia has invited world-renowned musician Ryuichi Sakamoto to  tailor specifically a mobile phone ring tones for the 8800.Its ringtone  is 64 polyphonic , in support of MIDI, AAC, MP3 or other formats, which  is the first time in 8 series of products to built in SVGA-level of  500,000-pixel camera, support for shooting video clips. Users can simply  push sliding closure to open the hidden function of the video camera.Its  e-mail system support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, while the  network system stand up for the XHTML browser. GPRS connection rate is  Class 8, along with the enhanced dynamic memory address book can call  friends in advance to view their current status.     Nokia  8800 has a oversized 52MB memory. What’s more, 8800 backs up bluetooth  technology and integrated handsfree speaker, being accompanied by 64  polyphonic ringtones systems. It not only can support MIDI, AAC and MP3  ringtones, but also FM radio as well as JAVA MIDP 2.0 software system.  Moreover, its body uses the BL-5X 600 mAh battery. The official  announces upper limit of talk time is about 1 hour, and standby time is  up to 8 days.  In  a word, I believe the 8800 of a steel body will be able to attract a  lot of attention with its cool looks and powerful features. It is a good  choice to select it as your gifts for your great father.  



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