How to Sell a House Without a Realtor

Lots of people are looking into the possibility of selling their home without a realtor due to the savings that it can present. Unfortunately, a large number of those people will end up losing money in the end by not being prepared for all the steps, costs, and information to do so. If you are considering selling your home without a realtor, then consider these suggestions and tips so that you can realize that goal of making more money:

1. Know going in that you are at a disadvantage for selling your home without a realtor. This is important to understand, as it will also point you towards the things that you need to know to be successful selling your home. What is it that realtors bring to the table during the selling of a home? Experience, pricing information, people skills, and a company backing their advertising of the home. Some of these things you can do yourself, while others you can not. Find your strengths and focus on them.

2. Get your pricing straight. Selling your home without a realtor begins by knowing what other houses similar to yours have sold for in your area. Do not try to go way above that figure or you may not even get a sniff. Be competitive but firm in your pricing of your home.

3. Fix the basics. Many people that sell their home without a realtor focus heavily on improvements that are superficial even while having repair work that must be done. Fix the heating, air, paint, plumbing, electrical, and basic appearance of the home before taking on some huge home improvement job. These things will reduce the value of your home if they are not done far more than any improvement will add value.

4. Be your own best advertisement. Sure, post the for sale sign in the yard. Add your postings to every listing you can find, and classified newspapers in the area. After you have done this, start talking to everyone you know about the great home you have for sale. You simply must take charge and do what those realtors are doing for their clients. The sell to everyone they know and meet. You should too to get top dollar.

5. Understand that not every buyer is a buyer. Their is a large number of people out there that will come to showings with no real intention to buy. This can be handled by asking probing type questions related to the purchase. Ask them if they are planning to move soon, and whether they have already secured their financing. This will often send them on their way if they are just looking.

6. Be careful and never show any home without somebody with you.

7. Invest some time to actually find your buyers. If you are only available for an hour a week to show the property, take calls, and talk over options with your potential buyers, then you are not going to likely sell your home without a realtor. It takes hard work and lots of time to sell to these folks, and you have to make yourself available with lots of options.

8. Educate yourself on loans and lending. If you are able to help the potential buyer know what to do next, you will open up your options to include first time homebuyers, as well as folks that are uncertain what to do next. The more people that can qualify for a loan, the more chances you have of getting the amount that you want for your home.

9. Keep the property neat, clean and always ready to view. This is vital as it affords you more chances to do a last minute viewing. You never know when a real buyer will walk up wanting to buy your home. It happens every single day in this country.

10. Do not count your eggs until they are hatched. Just because you have an offer on the house, do not think that it is all said and done. Many people back out at the last minute. Always be looking towards a back up and never turn someone away prior to the closing.


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