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How To Share Your Opinions Online

  • By Jeremy Baldwin
  • Published 03/25/2008
  • Article Writing

Opinions. We all have them and most of us enjoy sharing them. But where can you express them? The place where everyone does everything nowadays, the internet. The internet is the new frontier for sharing your opinions with the world. Anyone can start a blog and gain readership in no time at all. This could be your forum to talk about whatever you want. Politics, Film, Music, Business, the list is endless and you can bet that there is an audience for whatever topic you want to write about.

One of my favorite things to do is go to one blog and follows links from there to other blogs. I just keep following a list of links that will take me all over the internet. One minute I can be reading about the political problems in Washington the next I can be reading about surfing in Australia. This new media is far more varied and more fascinating than the stale, old style of journalism. I don’t just want to know about things from around my neighborhood, I want to know what’s going on in the entire w

orld. No longer are writers held back by the constraints of print media. You don’t need a journalism degree and you don’t need to know the right people to write online. There are numerous websites that will let anyone sign up and start writing today. The best part is not only do you have the ability to write about whatever you want, with ad sharing websites, you can make money while you are doing it! Google Adsense allows for individual accounts that let you, the writer, get in on some of the ad revenue the website is making. All you have to do is write and the host website takes care of all the rest. Within days you will see money start showing up in your Google Adsense account and all you had to do has share your opinions. Now, no one says you will get rich doing this but the money is an extra bonus for doing what you like to do anways, writing about your opinions.

So, go get yourself a pot of coffee and starting brainstorming some good ideas. Once you’ve decided on what to write about; sign up for an account, starting making money and start having some fun!



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