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How To Skyrocket Your Determination To Write

  • By George Hutton
  • Published 09/1/2009
  • Fiction

As you are sitting there, reading this article, you can think of some of the reasons you have for writing a novel. Maybe you have a powerful message that needs to be heard. Perhaps you have an inspiring story that you are certain will move many to take action to not only vastly improve their lives, but to help others as well. Maybe you’ve been a consumer of wonderful stories your whole life, and now you’ve decided to become a producer. Whatever your reasons are, embrace them as your own. Accept them, appreciate them, increase and amplify them. Because they more you increase your desire, the more likely you will get started on what is perhaps the most important project of your life.

Many people have dreams of writing a novel, and getting published, but few ever take sufficient action to actually make it happen. Because you are reading this, you are likely one of the few that will follow through on your dreams of becoming a published novelist. For all the reasons you’d like to do this, what is the biggest one that comes to mind? When you think of this reason, what pictures and sounds are asso

ciated with this reason? Having a strong, specific desire to achieve something that you can visualize on a regular basis can be the deciding factor in whether or not your dream becomes a reality, or stays only a dream. The more specific you make your reason for becoming a best selling novelist, the easier it will be to do just that. What do you see yourself doing after you have been successfully published? What do you hear people say to you? What do you feel? Many people like to feel a pen in their hand as they are signing copies of their book in bookstore, while they happily look up and see the line of happy readers waiting their turn. Others choose to hear the voice of their agent on the phone, saying something like “Congratulations! One more week on the bestseller list!” Others choose to visualize their name, and the title of the book in a newspaper article. When you think of you reasons to become a bestselling novelist, and turn those reasons into specific pictures, sounds and feelings, you are well on the way of becoming one of the rare few that can turn your dreams into reality.

And you can begin to imagine how wonderful that will be when that happens can’t you?



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