How To Smoke Ribs

There are several different ways to smoke ribs. In most cases you smoke them in a smoker for several hours and when you’re done they’re falling off the bone. To smoke ribs perfectly, simply follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to having your meat juicy and tender.

The first step you need to take when you decide to smoke ribs is to buy your meat and be sure that it is pink in color. Purchasing fresh meat instead of frozen meat is always ideal when you want the top quality in terms of taste. Once you get home be sure to thoroughly wash the ribs off. The correct way is to wash the ribs in mild water so that all the blood is washed away and the meat is free of bacteria.

The second step to smoke ribs is to remove the membrane off of the ribs. The membrane looks like a flat piece of fat on the back side of the ribs. You simply take a sharp knife and you divide the membrane from your ribs starting from the narrow side of the slab. When a good part of the membrane is peeled away you should be able to easily pull the membrane off with your fingers.

Next you want to apply your seasonings and rub your ribs down with it. If you have the time it’s always a good idea to allow your ribs to sit in the refrigerator, so that your seasonings have plenty of time to soak into the meat. About one hour before you plan on smoking your ribs take them out of the refrigerator so they can be close to room temperature.

Smoking your ribs at a low temperature makes the difference from your ribs being tough or tender. Wait for your smoker to have a temperature of 250 to 300 degrees. If your smoker doesn’t have an indicator that tells you what the temperature is then use an oven thermometer. At the time when you have the correct heat, immediately place the seasoned ribs on the rack and cover.

Now is a good time to prepare your mop. The mop provides different flavors to your ribs and keeps the outer layer of your ribs moist and succulent. A nice mop to prepare for your ribs is to use 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% cooking oil. You can spray the mop on the ribs by using a small bottle sprayer.

Continue to add charcoal every hour to ensure the temperature remains between 250 and 300 degrees. To have a hickory or cherry taste to your ribs you can also use a mixture of charcoal and wood chips. Spray the mob every 30 – 45 minutes and smoke the ribs for a good 5 hours. Next, wrap the ribs in foil and smoke for another 30 – 45 minutes. Lastly add barbecue sauce for wet ribs or keep the ribs dry and taste all the seasoned flavors.

Whether you want your smoked ribs wet or dry, the key to smoking them is the temperature. By using these easy steps you will have smoked ribs that are perfect and falling off the bone. If there’s any left over be sure to place the remaining ribs in a sealed container in the refrigerator to ensure your ribs are juicy when you eat them the next time.


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