How to Spot Fake Air Jordans


Authored by Jody Morse in Shoes and Accessories
Published on 09-22-2009

No one wants to be tricked into purchasing fake designer clothing or accessories. When this happens, you are getting ripped off and making yourself open to criticism from any friends that are interested in fashion. It is very common for counterfeit, or fake, shoes to be sold. Here are some tips on how to spot fake Air Jordans.


The easiest way to spot fake Air Jordans is by taking a closer look at the Nike swoosh. In some instances, it may be incredibly easy to notice that the swoosh is not identical to those of real Air Jordans. Sometimes, it can be really hard to notice, however. Be sure to pay attention to the size of the swoosh. If it appears much too big or much too small, it is likely that the Air Jordans are fake. Also keep in mind that the shape and location of the swoosh can help determine whether or not the Air Jordans are authentic or counterfeit.


Another one of the factors that needs to be taken into consideration when trying to spot fake Air Jordans is color. If the colors are not right, then there is a strong possibility that the shoes are not authentic. In order to determine the color accuracy of the Air Jordans, you will need to know what model you are looking for and the color combination it is offered in. If the colors are way off or even if there is a subtle difference, such as red versus maroon, the Air Jordans are most likely counterfeit.


Although the laces of the shoes may not seem too significant, they can actually help when it comes to spotting a fake. If the appearance of the laces does not accurately match those in the real version of Nike Air Jordans, it could be because they are counterfeit. You should be sure to look at the width of the laces, as well as the color. When the shoe laces simply look a little bit off, it is probably because they most likely are. Although it is possible for the shoe laces to have been replaced for some reason, most retailers will not do this. Even if they were replaced, they would be replaced by the same shoe laces that are normally used for Air Jordans.

It is also important to keep in mind that the location where you are purchasing the Nike Air Jordans from can determine whether or not they are authentic. When purchasing Air Jordans online, avoid purchasing from a website that is not very reputable. If you see Air Jordans at a flea market or on an auction website, it is likely that they are counterfeit. To ensure that you are purchasing Air Jordans that are authentic, the best thing that you can do is buy from a local shoe store or a very reputable website. Since there are many fake Air Jordans out on the market, it is important to be on the lookout when doing your shopping. Fake Nike Air Jordans may be somewhat challenging to spot at first, but most are easy to identify after giving them close examination.


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