How to Spy on Your Spouse


Authored by Heaven Stubblefield in Divorce 
Published on 01-26-2010

It’s a biological imperative to be smitten with your spouse; such blind adoration enables the species to perpetuate. Yet those stricken with the blind adoration syndrome are often the ones who are cheated on by their spouses. Ironically, spouses of those afflicted with this are usually not spectacular in the slightest or are good people. Particularly susceptible to cheating are couples who have been together or married for a long time; couples where the other partner feels a bit of inadequacy and practically any couple as this is a society that condones it. So how do you know if your partner is cheating on you? All you can do is spy on him but how? Use technology and good old proven sleuthing:

Mobile Phone Access – You don’t have to have your spouse’s cell phone to check his phone directory, messages or calls although that would be a much easier way to check, you just have to have the right contacts inside his cell phone company. Befriending the right people can be so handy when trying to catch a cheating spouse.

Reverse Phone Lookup – Now that you have the information (landline and cell phone number) you need, what do you do with it? You can use the internet and trace the number through reverse phone lookup. It’s a service that lets you have background information about the number like name, address, company and even family members. So if you’re having doubts about certain numbers, this service will erase all your worries.

Internet – You have the name so what else can you do with it? Google him or her. You’ll never know what would turn up. Now you know more about the other “party” more than your spouse would ever care to know. Information is the name of the game.

GPS Tracking – Install one your spouse’s car and know his whereabouts. If he’s hiding something, you’ll know this immediately.

Credit Cards – Check your spouse’s credit card bills. Know what to look for. Purchases and payments for hotels, motels, and unfamiliar restaurants even flower shops. And do check out the dates. If purchases were not anywhere near your birthday, then you know he’s cheating on you.

Cell Phone – Check your spouse’s cell phone. Technology is a good thing. But it has its downsides. Cheaters have all the means to communicate and do their “thing” easily and secretly. But you can also use technology to your advantage. Have you heard of reverse phone lookup? It’s a service that allows you to trace a certain number. With this service, you will be able to get information like name, address, and even assets and properties behind that number. So go ahead. Check his cell phone for numbers you’re not familiar with. See if something’s amiss. Check for love messages.

Schedules – Check his schedule. If you must, write his itinerary down: where he goes, what time he leaves, what time he arrives, what time he wakes up and what time he sleeps. Look for patterns. And look for changes in the patterns.


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