How to Start a Concierge Business

Maybe you know how profitable and fun a concierge service can be, but you do not know how to break ground for the business. This article will be your guide and will show you the steps and tips to establishing your won concierge service. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Everyone wants to be their own boss. That’s the main reason why everyone wants to start a business in the first place. The concierge business offers one not only the opportunity to be his boss, but to have one doing it as well. It is also one of the easiest businesses to start up.

What are the things that one needs in order to establish a startup concierge business? This article will outline them for you.

Start-up Costs and Financing

A concierge business does not need much in terms of capital, but it may be difficult to secure a financing loan even if the amount needed is low. To start a concierge service, you would need about US$2000 at most. This amount is used to purchase equipment like fax machines, cellular phones for communication, and a personal computer. Most of us would probably have these things ready by the time you need to start the business, so the startup cost would be lower than US$2000.

The reason why a concierge service proprietor is denied loans is the fact that the service, while capable of netting about US$125 at the maximum per hour, is utterly unpredictable. There is no steady income for the business, and all of it depends on your contacts base and your ability to add up to it.

Legal Documents

Like all businesses, the concierge service needs to be registered with the appropriate government agency. This is very important, in order for your business to be legally recognized.

You would also need to enter into contract clients and vendor agreements, things you would have to deal with before you enter into business.


Anyone can start a concierge business. Do not think that you would need to have some special skill in order to start one. It would also be preferable if you have a little background on sales, because you would also need to create marketing schemes to get your business into anyone’s attention. It is not required, but it would also come very handy one day. Try to get yourself educated about sales or marketing first before you start the business, because it would really help.

Marketing and Identification

As we mentioned earlier, a concierge business needs a good marketing campaign especially if it is just starting up. Think about getting a website made for your business, as nowadays it is advantageous to maintain an online presence as well as offline for your business.

Any businessman knows how important it is to get your business and personal contact information to any potential clients. Brochures and calling cards would come handy and beneficial to spreading news about your business across.


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