How to Start a Delivery Service


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Small Business 
Published on 01-22-2010

You might want to consider starting a delivery service if you are thinking about starting your own business. A delivery service is often in high demand. There are people who do not have the time to run around doing their own errands. Some people are disabled and elderly but still live on their own and can benefit from delivery services.

Some of the delivery services you might offer include: grocery shopping, shopping for necessities, delivering clothes to and from a dry cleaner and picking up prescriptions. You could drop off packages for clients at the post office or even pick up a hot meal at a local restaurant. With some careful thought, you can create a good list of services that you will offer.

If you are thinking of starting a delivery service, you will need to decide which towns in your area that you will service. This will include the towns from which you will look for clients and the towns or cities to where you will travel to pick up deliveries for clients. When you start offering your services, you should try to schedule clients within a close proximity of one another for the same day.

Make certain that you have a reliable vehicle if you are planning to start a delivery service. You will want an automobile that is able to get good gas mileage. In addition, you will also want an automobile that is not likely to experience many mechanical difficulties. It will also be a good idea to have cell phone service for your business.

In order to start a delivery service, you will need to decide how much money you want to charge. Will you charge a flat fee plus mileage? Will you charge per errand or per hour that you are traveling to and from the delivery service call? When you are setting your prices, pay careful attention to gas prices. Keep in mind the estimated amount of time it will take you to complete each delivery run.

You will need to promote your new business. Word of mouth can be a good way to start. You might find that some of your friends and work associates can use your services. It might be a good idea to start your business on a freelance basis first before going full force. As you start to achieve a base of satisfied customers, the word will spread about your business.

It is a good idea to have business cards printed. Post cards on bulletin boards at business in your area (as permitted by the business). Give business cards to friends, coworkers and family members. You can take out an ad in the newspaper or even consider advertising on the radio. Creating a website for your new business also provides a great way to advertise your services.

A delivery service business might be a good idea for you if you are sociable and do not mind driving and shopping. This can be a relatively easy business to start without costing a high expense.


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