How to Start a Home Party Business

It looks very promising: EARN MONEY AT HOME – perhaps by starting your own home party business?

While this looks very tempting for stay-at-home moms looking for some extra dollars, I can only advise you to think carefully about what this means.

Starting up a business has requirements. They sure have in my country, and I suppose this will be the same in most other countries. In Belgium (and the rest of Europe) you need to register first and then you are assigned a VAT number. Because – indeed! – taxes are charged on what you sell and these have to paid back to the ministry of economical affairs. This will demand some skills in bookkeeping or accountancy. Of course, you can hire an accountant, but the costs of this will surprise you. In Belgium you pay a minimum of 600 euro (= 750 $) for his or her services a year. You will have to earn at least that amount to break even!

It is also advisable to have a business plan. At home parties, you can sell about any product (going from the well-known Tupperware or Avon parties to wine parties, clothes parties, etc.). So, first of all you’ll have to decide on the product you want to sell. It is absolutely necessary to find out as much as possible about the product. Not only will (possible) customers ask you questions about the product you sell, but you need to have a supplier (contracts!) and information on the return policy. Do you need to pay an advance on your possible sales? Can you send back items that are not sold? Are you selling the genuine product?

Also, hosting a home party isn’t just that. You’ll need to make the initial sale, but you’ll have to follow up on it. You’ll have to develop relationships. Try to meet people who will be likely to buy your product (the internet is useful here) before you give the actual party.

And finally, you’ll have to set the scene for the event. You’ve invited all your friends, family and neighbors, and those people you got interested, and you’ve set a date. You might think about setting two dates even, to fit in more people.

Your house needs to look inviting and cozy. A good atmosphere stimulates sales! Therefore, it is better to keep all animals (your pets) away in a safe spot. As some people consider children to be not much better than pets, the kids also need to be somewhere else, especially when they are little and could cause problems.

Don’t offer alcoholic drinks to the guests. Keep it professional, so only offer water and soft drinks.

Don’t crowd the room where the party is held with too many chairs. Only add some when there is need for them.

It doesn’t hurt either to ask for a certain dress code.

And, very important, start the party on time and end it on time!

The only thing left is to wish you good luck!


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