How to Start A Modeling Career

When it comes to modeling, there are three types of models: children, older, and the rest. Each one of these are different careers, and need to considered when debating a modeling career.

One of the problems with dealing with parents is that it’s rare to find one that doesn’t think that there kid is the cutest kid in the school picture. Too many parents get their children into modeling at too young of an age because of this. Ironically, starting young is actually the best thing for a future model. There’s a lot to learn, and it’s always easiest to learn when you are young. However, the parent needs to be especially wary. There a number of scams that are geared towards a parent’s expectations, and you need to watch out. The usual rule is that the agency should not have a representation fee. They get their money when the child gets a job. The agency is trying to cover its expenses when dealing with kids. After all, the kids are more expensive to deal with than any other age group, due to meals, insurance, and possible tutoring.

At the same time, the parent needs to be on the guard against exploitation. This is one of those weird areas where there are no real guides. Just be aware of the laws regarding child labor (such as minors needing to have changing rooms segregated by gender), and let your conscience be your guide. Be aware that not all situations are as black and white as they seem, and there will be plenty of interesting situations that arise. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and a lawyer should be on retainer if the child has an actual career. This is mostly to help you deal with the conflicting laws in different locations. Modeling can be a great way to save up for your child’s future, but bear in mind that not all children are made up to be models.

At the other extreme, older models are becoming more popular as the population ages. There is little that would be more interesting about the situations you’ll find yourself in, and that it can be fun, as well as a great way to supplement a limited income. Just keep in mind that you need to keep your wits about you, and you should be okay. The biggest issue is that agencies may take some interesting fees. Remember to clear those fees with a lawyer first, and not one suggested by the agency itself. Otherwise, a little common sense is your best tool.

Most of the rest of the models can be dealt with under one header. Bear in mind what has been said in the other sections will always apply. The model’s health is important, and there should be a lot of gym time scheduled. Drugs and alcohol, as well as fad diets, should be avoided. Also, keep an eye to your future as acting and dance classes should be considered. Not just because they add to your value, but because transitioning to another career is something that needs to be considered at some point.

Keep in mind that a model’s pay is based on his or her health, and you should do okay.
Overall, modeling can be a rough business. A model requires physical health as well as some business savvy, and it can be very competitive. Allow for all of that, and the model should do okay. Just have an exit strategy as a model without an exit strategy will experience burnout, and not in a romantic way.


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