How to Start a Paranormal Investigation


Authored by Carly Hart in Paranormal 
Published on 10-10-2009

Television shows such as Ghost Hunters are bringing paranormal investigation main stream. While not everyone is cut out to be a paranormal investigator, those who believe they have the interest and nerves of steel required to delve into the unknown may find that they have no idea how to start a paranormal investigation of their own. What follows are some tips on how to start a paranormal investigation that all amateur ghost hunters need to know to make the most of their first ghost hunting experience.

How to start a paranormal investigation tip 1: Choose a haunted place to investigate

In order to engage in a paranormal investigation, a potentially haunted target must be found. Consider known or reputed haunted houses, cemeteries, battlefields or other areas where ghosts or spirits are thought to be located. Ask around to find potential leads and spread the word about availability and willingness to investigate paranormal activity within the community and surrounding area.

How to start a paranormal investigation tip 2: Obtain permission

Starting a paranormal investigation on private property without permission could mean that the investigation ends with a charge of trespassing. It is imperative that proper permission is obtained before starting a paranormal investigation in places such as cemeteries, battlefields, or any other public space that may be closed after dark. Always ask permission first to avoid potential legal trouble. While obtaining permission, ask more specifics about possible locations to stake out and what kind of activity to expect.

How to start a paranormal investigation tip 3: Equipment needs

Most ghost hunters suggest a basic equipment list for those just starting out with paranormal investigations. These items include both a still and digital camera, a voice recorder, night vision scope, electromagnetic field detector, an ambient temperature thermometer and pen and paper for extensive note taking. Purchasing a large amount of ghost hunting equipment to start a paranormal investigation is not recommended as paranormal investigations is an expensive hobby. Buy what is affordable to start out and upgrade at a later time if there is still interest in pursuing the hobby.

How to start a paranormal investigation tip 4: Study up

There are many books available that outline the basics of starting a paranormal investigation, including what suspicious activity is, what equipment readings mean and what type of entity could be the source of a haunting. Spend some time reading up on the subject and also try to contact a local paranormal investigation group to make contacts that may get one invited on an investigation in the future. Book learning is a good place to start, but nothing can replace first hand experience provided by a seasoned ghost hunter.

How to start a paranormal investigation tip 5: Wait and watch

Waiting for paranormal activity takes longer than a one-hour show’s condensed version of events leads one to believe. It may take several hours or several visits to obtain data, so keep pen and paper handy for recording any noises, sensations, changes in temperature or any other activity. Expect to spend several hours afterward analyzing data.

Amateur paranormal investigators can expect their ghost hunting skills to improve over time. Buddying up with an experienced ghost hunter can shorten the learning curve dramatically as on the job training is a valuable learning tool. Knowing how to start a paranormal investigation is just the first step to an interesting, albeit expensive hobby.



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