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How to Start a Website Design Company?

Starting a web development company in Jersey can be a lucrative business option. Each and every company now wants to have online presence. Otherwise they don’t exist for the customers. However, most of the business owners don’t have the knowledge and skills to develop a website. Therefore they outsource the work. They hire web development companies to design and develop a site on their behalf. The demand for web development company in Jersey is quite high. Hence, you can also consider starting a web development company. It can be a profitable business if you are aware of the knowhow of designing and developing a website.

Let’s have a look at how to start a web design and development company in Jersey.

1. You should go for a course that will help you to learn HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash. You should know how to use these programs for creating a website. Attending a course will also help you to obtain a certificate. Clients prefer to count on those who have a certification.

2. After you get the certificate, try to work as an intern or a freelancer. This will help you to gain experience which is extremely important because no one wants to offer a project to someone who doesn’t have any experience.

3. You would need some capital for starting the company. If you don’t have much cash in hand, opt for financing.

4. Develop a business plan which should include operating plan, financial plan, competitor analysis, mission statement and effective marketing strategies.

5. If your budget is not high, you can go for a home office. Otherwise you will have to buy or lease an office space. Select a location that is easily accessible.

6. Decide whether you are going to offer a particular service or an all inclusive service. You can specialize in offering ecommerce website or bespoke website. You can also offer SEO services. Clients prefer companies that offer all these services so that they don’t need to hire an SEO company separately.

7. Determine whether you are going to hire employees or depend on freelancers. It is better to hire employees because freelancers often fail to meet deadlines.

8. Purchase equipments that you would require for your business. If you are short of capital, you can lease or purchase second hand computer, fax machine and phone.

9. You should have some samples ready at hand because clients will not hire you until and unless you can show them some samples. While working as an intern try to work in as many projects as you can so that you can gain experience in creating different types of websites. It will help you to understand the unique need of each business. You will understand how the website of a car dealer will be different from that of a florist’s website.

Creating a company is not enough. You will have to market your company. Web development in Jersey is growing fast. If you can advertise your company properly, you should never fall short of clients.


Jaylon Owen

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Jaylon Owen is a web designer by profession and a freelance writer by passion. He spends most of his time researching new themes and templates. Jaylon also takes interest in creative writing and photo editing. Currently he is covering news on latest trends of web design and web development companies in Jersey .

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