How to Start Your Own Tshirt Business

If you are thinking of starting a new business which does not need too much of capital, the t-shirt business is one of the things you can look at. It is not an original mind shaking idea, but the market is still available and as long as people do not mind wearing that t-shirt, it is a business that will run for a long time. You must yourself have worn tees and noticed the comfort quotient that it has. So the market for it is likely to stay.

What you need to start this business is the product which is a t-shirt, designs that are unique, a way to print your designs and last but not the least a way of selling them, either through stores or on the internet.

The product is easily available in garment districts of the cities you are near to. These can be purchased quite cheaply, especially if you buy in bulk. Look for discount stores or even sources on the internet. But that is for later, once you have established your business. Decide on the sizes you want to sell. Having a range is the best, so that you can satisfy all customers. Later on you can even think of importing the t-shirts from cheaper markets in Asia. Once your business has taken off and you have found your clientele you would be able to be even choosier in your orders and order the right quantities and colors that make up your market.

Now that we have looked after getting you the basic material, we have to move on to the next aspect, which is the design. If you ask me, it is this part of the business which is the most challenging and good designs, catchy slogans and colorful tees will always sell. So you need to really be creative here, whether you are making your own designs or getting them from someone else. Catchy phrases, graphic designs, photographs all can make your t-shirts sell. A lot of designs are available on the net and you can find artists who will sell you their designs for use. Do not get carried away by the vast numbers of possibilities that designs can give you and concentrate on the few that you think can sell. It is only after you have been in the business for some time, would you be able to judge what sells and what does not.

Now that we have decided on the designs we need to move on to getting the designs onto the t-shirts. If the designs that you have decided on are available as transfers, a heating iron can easily transfer these designs on to the shirts. If you need to screen print or laser print the tees, you would have to find the right people who can do it for you. You can even learn screen printing or purchase a printer and opt to do it yourself. Learning screen printing is not too difficult and knowing the techniques definitely helps even if you do opt to subcontract this work. It will make you aware of the inks available, their durability and colors so that you even choose your designs to suit these.

Now that you have your finished t-shirts in the sizes you wanted, the colors that you preferred and with the design you think can sell you then need to move to the stage of marketing your product. Selling online is definitely one of the ways to consider and you can tie up with an online store or decide to go on your own with your own website. You can also contact local stores and ask them to display your products. Once you have sold your first lot of tee shirts, you are launched into this business and can hope to make a decent living out of it.


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