How to Stop a Gambling Addiction

Compulsive gambling or gambling addiction is a progressive illness that can only be cured when the gambler, who suffers from this particular malady, makes the desired effort stop.

One can’t merely use willpower to recover from a gambling problem. According to the Gamblers Anonymous program, it’s essential that one make a change in their character in order to overcome their gambling addiction. This entails being honest with yourself and with others, learning to be more open-minded and exhibiting the willingness to overcome your addiction.

Joining a chapter of Gamblers Anonymous in your area can help you better understand yourself as well as others with the same problem. Here is a forum where the gambler can find a supporting group of people who can assist him in honing this understanding and evaluating his behavior. According to Gamblers Anonymous, you don’t need to know why you started gambling in order to stop, you just need to learn how to modify your behavior.

Therefore, looking at some of the character traits the compulsive gambler possesses is helpful in giving one the realization and knowledge necessary to quit from continuing on such a path of destructive behavior.

Compulsive gambling is not a financial problem. It’s an emotional obstacle which can cause a myriad of other difficulties to occur in the gambler’s life, including marital, employment, and legal misfortunes.

There are three main traits that all compulsive gamblers exhibit.

One of these traits is a lack of maturity or sense of responsibility. Through gambling, the compulsive gambler avoids responsibility by taking an easier route to obtain what he believes he deserves in life.

Added to this lack of maturity, the compulsive gambler also has a false sense of security when it comes to gambling. He uses gambling to avoid his obligations. This way, he doesn’t feel the pressure to answer to anyone even though, in essence, this behavior is quite debilitating.

However, probably the primary reason most people become obsessive about gambling is their refusal to look at themselves and others honestly. Instead of facing reality square in the eye, they choose to escape their commitments and obligations through gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12-Step program which emphasizes the importance of using moral and spiritual principles in order to guide one away from this type of behavior. They have “closed meetings” where only gamblers share their stories and concerns and “open meetings” where spouses, family and friends of the gambler are allowed to participate.

If you truly want to beat a gambling addiction, Gamblers Anonymous can help. You can hear the experiences of others as well as share your own experience so you can come to a common understanding in order to change your character and break your addiction from gambling.

Gambling is not a vice like smoking. It’s an illness that is progressive and harmful to all those who suffer from it. Seeking help through a local chapter of Gamblers Anonymous can be the beginning of many milestones in your quest to overcome your addiction and regain back all the things that are truly important in life.


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