How to Stop Dating the Wrong Guys


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Dating 
Published on 10-08-2009

Many women have a hard time finding Mr. Right because they keep dating the wrong guys. There are a variety of reasons why a woman continues dating guys they know aren’t good for them. Finding a different type of guy can be as easy as changing where you look. Women can successfully stop dating the wrong guys by following a few simple rules.

Don’t be afraid of change. You’ve got a type and you’re sticking to it. However, the relationship never works. You may feel that you’re the problem, but the problem really is the guy. Just because it’s the type of guy you’ve always dated, doesn’t mean it’s the right type for you. Change your type. The next time you’re interested in a guy, determine why. Is it because he fits your old standards? If so, find someone else. You’ll only end up wasting time on a relationship that’s doomed to fail.

What impression do you give to guys? Your appearance and attitude may be attracting the wrong guys. It may be fun to dress in a short skirt and tube top, but if you want a man that’s mature and responsible, you need to dress the same way. Dress and act like the man you want to attract. You can still be yourself and sexy, but a few minor changes will have you attracting real men instead of boys that will never grow up. Look at friends or even strangers and see what type of men they are attracting. This will give you an idea of how to act and dress to attract Mr. Right.

Follow your head and not your libido. All women have their dream guy they lust after. However, lust doesn’t equal a good relationship. If the only reason you’re dating a guy is because he’s good in bed, then it’s time to find a different type of guy. Think before you start dating a guy. If you have nothing in common and the two of you can’t have a decent conversation, then move on. He may be to die for in the looks department, but that only goes so far.

Change where you look. This is probably the most common reason why women date the wrong guys. If you’re not a club or bar person, don’t go. Consider your own interests. Attend events, shop in related places and participate in activities related to your interests. You will be able to find like minded people this way. If religion is important to you, attend church and church social functions. You may also want to check out religious single’s groups. Also, look in age appropriate places. If your forty and looking in a college bar, you’re probably going to end up with the wrong type of guys.

Dating the wrong guy can stop today. You shouldn’t have to make excuses or blame yourself. The right guy should make you happy and not lower your self-esteem. Look in different places. Remember that infatuation doesn’t last. It may be fun, but it will end quickly. Finally, change your type and even how you dress. Be the type of woman that you want your man to be.


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