How to Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Any phone call where someone calls and uses obscene and threatening language, even heavy breathing or silence to intimidate you can be classified as harassing act. And this can be considered as an unlawful act. You have rights to seek protection and protect yourself.

Tips to stop harassing phone calls:

1. Hang up and don’t entertain

Receiving harassment phone calls can escalate if you entertain the caller. Avoid putting more wood over the fire. Avoid the exchange of words. In fact, avoid the discussion. These types of callers love agitation. They believe they are winning more when you react. Just try shrugging them off by playing a dead ear and maybe they’ll get tired of what they do and just quit.

2. Use an answering machine with caller ID

Buffer your calls. Use voicemail. Make the gaming boring and hide behind an answering machine. If you’re no fun, they might just quit and find another playmate. It’s also serves as advantage because this way you get to record the time and frequency of their calls and if they are registered, the number they are using will appear too.

3. Priority ringing

Use your phone’s ringing features. It usually has a 10 ringing tones. Assign each ringing tone for a specific calling number you want to take and allow the answering machine to take the rest. An example of a priority call would be the phone number for your parents, school phone number, or a close friend’s phone.

4. Use a trap or trace

Talk to your service provider and inquire about how a trap or trace call procedure can be done. If their number is not registered, then it may not appear in your caller ID system. You may need to do such procedures to identify your caller’s location and possibly their identity.

5. Write a “stop calling letter”

Writing this type of letter works best if you want to avoid telemarketing companies or collecting agencies. It could also work against harassers once you know their location via there number. Just make sure you send the letter via certified mail so you have evidence the letter was received.

6. Inquire about blocking

After you have done a trace or trap procedure, you can request to have that number blocked so their phone can never make an inbound call to yours. However, this procedure would sometimes provoke the caller to even more harass you and just use a different number. An inbound call blocker may work better than just blocking. This feature entails the callers to enter a specific numeric code unto their touchtone phone pad in order to complete their call. If they don’t know the numeric code, they can’t go thru.

7. Keep a log

Make a record of all the calls made. Purchase a notebook and log in phone call entries include the time and date. This way you can record the frequency of the call and use it as evidence too.

8. Report to your local police department

If the nature of harassment bothers you, then appeal to proper authorities. Bring this call log together with recordings you have gathered from your answering machine. Ask for police assistance.

9. Change your number

With your new number, give it out only to trusted friends and family members with strict instructions not to give it to anyone without your permission. If you choose to have your number posted still on the directory, use your last name and only an initial. This will make it harder for such callers to track you down.


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