How to Stop Stuttering


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Language Education
Published on 05-22-2009

Stuttering is a problem that can affect children and adults. Some people outgrow stuttering while others are able to overcome stuttering through speech therapy. Stuttering can be situational and can sometimes even be caused by psychological factors. There are some ways to work towards no longer stuttering or to help a child or loved one to stop stuttering.

If your child is having problems with stuttering, you don’t ever want to punish them or to embarrass them when they are stuttering. Do not point out that they are stuttering when there are other people around. You should never use negative words to a child as a result of their stuttering.

Having a child who stutters can be difficult for you. You want to help your child to be able to speak without difficulty. However, you cannot force them to step stuttering. In most cases they cannot help that they stutter. If you notice that your child does have less difficulty with stuttering when they talk fast, you can gently encourage them to slow down when they talk.

Seeking help for your child as soon as you realize that they have a problem with stuttering is essential in helping to improve their speech. In many cases treatment is more successful when it can start at an early age. There are speech therapists that are able to work with children long before they even start school. You can consult your child’s doctor for the first line of help if you notice your child stutters.

Do all that you can to help your child if they stutter. Talk to their speech therapist for advice on how you can help your child at home who stutters. Listen to their advice so that you know the right ways to work to help your child.

Sometimes a child who is feeling upset about something or scared of something will also start to stutter. Try to talk with your child to make sure that there is nothing bothering him or her. Sometimes helping to resolve issues that are worrying your child can go a long way in improving their stuttering problems.

If you have problems with stuttering, there are steps you can take to help improve your speech. You might be a person who stutters when you are nervous. You should try to relax and even take some deep breaths when you need to if you notice that this is the case.

Try to picture the words in your mind before you start to speak. This can help you if you stutter when you are talking in front of other people. You will not want to rush through your words but speak slowly instead. Sometimes slowing down is all it takes to help you combat stuttering. Speak each letter or syllable slowly if you have particular words that seem to cause you to stutter.

Talk to your doctor if you have problems stuttering. They can help you to try to identify the problem. You can even be referred to speech therapists and other specialists who can help you with your stuttering. It is never too late to talk to people to get the help that you need if you are someone who stutters.


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