How To Stretch Your Body Safely


Authored by Wordsmith in Exercise 
Published on 05-16-2009

Tired after a hectic day at work or do you simply want to relax your muscles after a vigorous aerobic workout? Stretching your body gives it that much needed relief from fatigue. However while stretching your body, certain care should be observed as stretching using a wrong posture can do you more harm than good. Though they help us do a multitude of tasks, muscles in various parts of our body are extremely tender and supple and therefore one should take proper care before trying out a stretch in order to avoid muscle sprains.

Here are some of the tips to guide you on how to stretch your body safely:

  • Before starting with any kind of stretching exercise always ensure that you are wearing loose fitting clothes or are in proper gym gear as that will make it easier for you to try out the right postures. Also select a suitable exercise mat for performing stretching exercises. Ensure that you perform all your back stretches on an even mat. That will make the stretching easier and more comfortable.
  • Avoid consuming food for 3-4 hours prior to performing stretch exercises. Also avoid drinking any liquid before starting with stretches as they can sometimes make you choke. Also avoid chewing gum or sipping liquids while performing stretches.
  • Always perform stretches in an easy motion rather then stretching your body with a jerk as that can cause severe cramps. Stretching should be done slowly and to begin with, preferably under the supervision of any expert who can help you out with the right postures in order to avoid sprains.
  • To start with the stretching exercise begin with head rotation by moving it from left to right while breathing deeply. Next join your hands by interlinking the fingers and pull your arms to the top of your head without lifting your feet. Simpler stretches could be performed for stretching the side portions of your body. Next you should perform stretches for your calf muscles and lastly lie down on the floor to continue with back stretch exercise.
  • Never do any stretch with a bounce and continue taking deep breaths while performing any kind of stretching exercise. Each stretch posture should be held for minimum 30 seconds and always ensure that you don’t experience any excruciating pain while performing stretches. Breathe in and out continuously to totally relax your mind and body.
  • Always stretch both the sides of your body to experience greater benefits. Before beginning with any form of stretching exercise, you should do a thorough body warm up. Start with simple stretches and gradually increase the complexity as the flexibility of your body increases. Don’t over exert or you may end up with painful muscular cramps.

By performing stretching exercises safely you can enjoy multiple benefits like improved range of motion in athletes and reduced risk of injury while performing any activity as stretching increases agility and stretching helps you avoid post workout muscle soreness.


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