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How to Successfully Use PLR Articles

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

PLR articles, or Private Label Rights articles, can be found all over the internet. They are churned out by the truckload and then offered to anyone who will pay a few cents for them. To grasp why a unique approach to reshaping these articles is necessary, you must first understand what is inherently wrong with them. First and foremost, PLR articles lack creativity. It is all about quantity, not the quality. While you pay hardly anything for them, they aren’t going to be ready to go to print right off the bat. Without any revisions, publishers will be able to identify them as soon as they see them and instant rejection is definitely something you want to avoid. Another downfall of the PLR articles is that the same articles are sold to hundreds of people. How else would they be able to sell them at such a small price? This means that while your name may be attached to one of these articles in one place, Tom, Dick or Harry may be credited as the author in another. PLR articles should never be submitted as is. How to Reshape PLR Articles Purchasing PLR articles is not a total waste of money. They can be salvaged. It’s all about finessing the language, adding some new elements, and taking the bad stuff out. You want to make these articles a worthwhile read for your potential customers. There are several ways to get a PLR article in ship shape for publication. One great way to make the article your own is to add new information. Think of the original article as a jumping off point. Read it over and allow it to spur some new thoughts that you think would be valuable additions. This is also a great way to make the articles a little longer since most PLR articles are too short for the liking of most publishers. Another way to personalize the article is to rewrite it from your own perspective. After all, you are an expert when it comes to your industry. Write with an authoritative voice to showcase the fact that you really know what you are talking about. This is one of the best ways to breathe life into an originally stagnant article. Lastly, adding personal examples and anecdotes is a great way to revamp a PLR article. It helps back up the information in the article with real life instances. This helps to give a soul to a soul-less article. For instance, if the original article is about a widely used herbal supplement for which you happen to sell, you might want to write about a customer you once had that found himself with more energy and a greater zest for life after taking the supplement. Perhaps you would even include a direct quote from him. Similarly, you could also include an anecdote you commonly use to sell your product. You’ll want it to avoid sounding like a sales pitch though. If you are selling a product that you truly believe in, this part will be easy. Just speak from experience and explain what you think is so great about the product. Remember that your website is the place to talk about your products more specifically. These articles are meant to provide accurate, informative, and interesting information to the reader. If they so choose, they’ll click the link to your website to learn about your product more specifically. While it is generally best to avoid PLR articles in the first place, some find it easier to do revisions than write articles from scratch. As long as you follow the aforementioned revamping strategies, this is a perfectly sound method of coming up with content for your article marketing campaign.

When the sales start rolling in, you’ll be crediting those carefully crafted articles for the success.


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