How to Take Care of Goldfish

Authored by Alyssa Ast in Pets
Published on 10-09-2009

Many people often choose goldfish to keep in their fish tank. One reason goldfish are often chosen is because of the wide variety of goldfish breeds available. With proper goldfish care, a goldfish can easily live a long and happy life.

Tank Set Up

Before bringing home your goldfish, it is important to have the tank set up properly. When cleaning out the tank, make sure it is washed and rinsed well. If any chemicals, oils, or bacteria are left in the tank the goldfish can die.

It is important to choose the correct size of the tank for the number of goldfish you plan on having. It is best to have one goldfish per ten gallons of water. As the fish grow, chances are they will out grow the tank they began in and will need a bigger one.

There are a few things that will need to be in the tank for a basic set up. It is important to use gravel in the bottom of the tank. Make sure the gravel is large enough that the fish can not eat it. You will need a filter and pump system to keep the tank water clean. It is best for the tank to have a hood on it so bacteria and debris do not get inside the tank. You will also need a water testing kit to test the water quality. Make sure you have dechlorinator to take the chlorine out of the water.


When taking care of a goldfish, there are a few supplies you will need. It is best to have a light to allow the plants in the tank to grow properly and to keep the fish happy. An algae scrubber to clean the glass of the tank will be very helpful to have. You will want to have a bucket to use to clean out the tank and refill it. Make sure the bucket is only used for the fish to keep possible harmful chemicals out of it. Of course, you will also need food for the fish.

Goldfish prefer to hide in places. Plants and decorations are great to put inside the tank to allow the fish to hide. When choosing plants and decorations, make sure they do not have sharp edges. It is important to rinse off all the decorations and plants before placing them in the tank.

Goldfish Tank

One of the most vital parts of proper goldfish care is to set the tank up correctly. You should place the gravel in the tank first after it has been rinsed off well. Next, place the plants and decorations in. Slowly add the water to the tank. Afterwards, add the dechlorinator into the tank to make the water suitable for the fish. Before placing the fish in the tank, test the water quality. Once the water is suitable for the fish, place the fish inside their bag on the waters surface. This should be done for 5-10 minutes to allow the fish to adjust to the tank temperature.

Care for Goldfish

Taking care of goldfish includes keeping the temperature suitable for the fish. Goldfish prefer the temperature to be in between 65 to 68 degrees. The temperature should never go above 73 degrees. If the temperature rises to high, the fish can become ill and even die.

Proper care for goldfish includes feeding them once a day. Never feed the fish more than they can eat in about three to five minutes. Goldfish often like a wide variety of food.



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