How to Take Care of Leather Jackets


Authored by Aditi Sachdeva in Clothing 
Published on 01-20-2009

Leather jackets are such clothes that can assure you of providing good warmth in the cold days. Therefore, these are one of the essential items for the winter season. But handling a leather jacket is not that easy as it looks. It may get damaged if you show your irresponsibility in caring for it. The climate of a particular place also puts effects on these. There are chances of the leather being infected by germs. So, you should know various methods of cleaning and caring for the leather jackets. You can clean it yourself if you know the methods properly or can hand it over to the professional cleaners.

Generally, professional cleaning of leather is an unnecessary thing. This is because leathers do not catch so much of dirt that it will have to be cleaned professionally. However, there are chances that jacket color might fade. So, it is better you try cleaning it yourself. For cleaning it by yourself you will first have to test whether the leather has a finish or not. If you use water for cleaning the unfinished leather then it will create spots. So, for cleaning it you can use a brush or fine and smooth sandpapers. For a finished jacket you can use sponge or damp clothes when the dirt is light.

For heavy stains you can use any light detergent or soap. After applying water or any detergent through cloth or sponge rub the leather surface with some soft cloth. For removing wrinkles from the jacket you can keep it hanging in your bathroom. This will help in removing the wrinkle through water vapors while you take your shower. If that too does not work, then you can iron it by placing a brown paper between the iron and it.

Always remember to place your leather jacket wrapped by a cloth. Do not keep it in plastic bags as that will destroy it. Leather needs to take breath and therefore, you have to provide the required space.

Certain things that you always should remember while wearing leather jackets are that these should not be worn in rain. Keep it away from rain and shower. If it gets damp, then dry it in your room only, not under the sun. Drying it at room temperature for the whole night will be ideal. You should not stick anything with pins in your leather jackets. Even a small hole can create a problem later on and you may end up losing your jacket. Also, you should keep hair spray or perfume away from your leather jackets if you love them. The chemicals in the sprays damage the leather.

It is necessary to keep conditioning the jacket through leather conditioner if the place you live is dry. However, those who stay in the wet areas should keep waterproofing and conditioning the jacket. For people living in the snowy areas the best way to take care of their leather jackets is to sponge salt gently over the leather. So, after all such required and proper care you will definitely find your leather jacket in its original glamour even after many years.


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