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How to take care of Natural Stone?

Natural stone is untreated, unpolished and unsealed stone. Granite can be cited as the example. Granite countertops are used in kitchens, bathrooms and at fireplace. Natural stones are also used for decorating both indoor and outdoor areas. If your fireplace is decorated with natural stones, it is important to clean the area around fireplace because of the smoke and soot. In case, there are natural stones at outdoors, mildew can affect the stones and oil and grease stains, paint and food stains can produce damage to the natural stones used in kitchen countertops. However, there are two different ways of taking care of natural stones at fireplace and outdoors.

How to clean natural stone fireplace:

1.       At first, you have to shift the furniture, accessories and rugs from the area. Spread drop cloths around the area to protect the flooring and other things set nearby. Thoroughly clean those stones that need intense cleaning. For the rest, deep cleaning is not that much necessary. Make sure that the room is well-ventilated while you are cleaning the natural stone fireplace. Open the windows and doors.

2.       The stone and the grout need to be saturated. You can do that with water until the stone no longer can absorb the water. Cleaning the stones when they are dry is not correct. The porous stone and the grout will absorb the watery dirt deep inside. When you soak the stone, the watery dirt will stay on the surface of the stone.

3.       You should wear gloves and then, proceed with the cleaning process. This is highly recommended by the natural stone suppliers and manufacturers. Apply foaming bathroom cleaner and scrub the stones. Try to remove the dirt quickly and make sure that there are no streaks running down the rock or grout face. You can also use a steamer when the stones are wet. Many steam machines have removable towels or handheld attachments. The steam machine cleanses the stones both vertically and horizontally. Cleansing, scrubbing and applying heat; these three will clean the natural stones thoroughly. Rinse the stones and see how they are shining bright.

How to clean natural stone outdoors:

The first two steps are the same in this respect like that in the cleaning process of natural stone fireplace. You will require a scrub brush and pH neutral stone cleaner. Soften the stains or mildew and rinse them with water and also make sure that the dirty liquids do not run down the stones or grouts.

You can apply muriatic acid to remove hard stains. You have to be really careful while using acids to remove stains. Acids remove whatever they run into so you have to make sure that you apply the muriatic acid to the stained area only. In case, you do not want to use muriatic acid, you can use a high- pressure power washer. This is ideal for general cleaning. You need to use the power washer carefully as it can slacken the grouting. It works effectively to remove the stains and paints on your natural stone Alberta.

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Emily Smith is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. She has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In her recent articles on natural stone distributors, she shares some useful advices on how to clean natural stone fireplace and outdoor decoration in natural stones.

Emily often visits the website of Gabastone (http://www.gabastone.com)  to collect decoration ideas with natural stones.

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