How to Take Care of Your Kidney

Taking care of your kidney health is essential. The kidney seems like a small organ. This tiny powerhouse performs several vital blood cleansing functions. Kidney disease or damage can cause other organs to malfunction as well. To understand why you must take care of your kidneys, you should first be aware of normal kidney functions.

The kidney cleans the blood by filtering waste products. These waste products are eliminated through urination. Kidneys maintain the fluid balance of the body. Kidneys produce a hormone which enables the production of red blood cells. The kidney regulates blood pressure by producing a special enzyme know as renin. Your kidneys convert vitamin D into a more usable form.

Excess weight and excess intake of food put a strain on your kidneys. Take care of your kidney health by maintaining a reasonable weight for your frame. All organs become strained from carrying extra pounds. The more food and drink you consume, the more your kidneys have to filter. Eat smaller meals. Keep portion sizes under control.

Take care of your kidney health by controlling fluid intake. Kidneys need water to do their job. Too little water can hamper filtration. Too much water can overload the kidneys. Consume no more than the recommended eight glasses of fluids per day. Be sure that most of the liquid consumed is water. Other liquids must be filtered, which creates more work for the kidneys.

All organs require good nutrition to function properly. Be sure the foods you are eating are nutrient dense. Avoid foods containing pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. The kidneys will have to filter these out. To take care of kidney health, eat a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans and soy.

Exercise helps the blood to circulate through the system. Take care of kidney health by getting plenty of exercise. Exercise controls high blood pressure, one factor in the development of kidney damage. Engage in different types of physical exercise to maximize health benefits. Walking, stair stepping, biking and weight lifting are all inexpensive ways to get exercise into your life.

Abstaining from drugs, alcohol and tobacco is one of the best ways to take care of kidney health. Take over the counter medications sparingly. Remember, any substance that has no natural place in the body has to be filtered out by the liver and kidneys. Indulging in these addictions poisons the body. The kidneys must work overtime to filter out toxins

Taking care of your kidney health becomes even more important after undergoing a kidney transplant. You must take your transplant medication on time every day. You will also need medications to counteract the side effects of the transplant medication. Take care of your kidney health by taking all your medications on time. Follow your recovery program explicitly.

The key to taking care of your kidney health is prevention. Watching your weight, proper intake of fluids, healthy diet, getting regular exercise, abstaining from drugs, alcohol and tobacco are all important factors in taking care of your kidney health. Be sure to follow all orders from your doctor. Take medications only as directed.

Please Note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. Consult a physician for diagnoses and treatment of kidney disease.


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