How to Trace an Unknown (but Harassing and Annoying) Phone Call


Authored by Johnny Dunn in Communications
Published on 03-07-2009

People get these all the time, whether they be pranks from juvenile children or genuinely creepy calls from genuinely creepy people. In fact, most of these phone calls can even be made for destructive purposes.

Don’t get them in the first place. People don’t make these phone calls for no reason. They don’t open up the phonebook and point to a random number and start dialing. These harassing phone calls will usually occur if you make an enemy of someone, so don’t do it, especially if that person has access to your phone number. Unfortunately, sometimes even if you haven’t done anything wrong, you will still be a victim to these calls.

Don’t get listed in the phonebook. Most people you give your number to will not make these phone calls. They are probably your friends or acquaintances with an actual need or desire to contact you and not annoy or bother you. If someone does want to make one of these calls to your number, make sure they can’t get your number by opting not to be listed in the phonebook. If someone really does need your number, they’ll find a way to contact you. Doing this can easily prevent 99.99 percent of most phone calls.

Use reverse cell phone number lookup services. The best part about these services? They’re usually free. The drawback is that these free services don’t offer you too many details. If you truly want to find the person harassing you, then you’d have to shell out some cash for a premium service. Find an accurate and reliable service to ensure you don’t get the wrong information and go yelling at the wrong person.

These companies pay a copious sum of money to gain access to these private databases that they reference with the number you give them. Obviously, you may have to pay a small fee or even a monthly fee to use it, as they have to make a profit out of this too. However, most of the bigger and more professional companies will compensate you and refund whatever money you pay if you are not satisfied with your results.

Once you find a good service, you have to register to use it. Don’t worry, these are professional companies and they won’t spam your inbox or give out your personal information. The process is almost too easy to complete. Just input the ten digit phone number into the search box and click search. They will search their database and provide you with whatever information matches the number you put in.

But don’t worry! You using this service is totally private and confidential. They are a strictly nonpublic company. They won’t try and notify you or contact you about your searches, so in a situation when you’re attempting to find out whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, you can see where this comes in handy.

At last, you can put a stop to these annoying phone calls or even find out more information about them for a minimal amount of money. Just go to one of the many companies and enter that 10 digit number.


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