How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone Location


Authored by Kumara Velu in Communications 
Published on 03-15-2009

Do you want to know your child’s whereabouts in the interest of his or her safety? If you have children you can’t keep an eye on most of the time, you can put technology to use to track their locations when they are away from home.

If your child resists being checked on as to his or her location, your answer is a cell phone with pre-installed tracking software. One such cell phone is the Guard Angel handset which allows you to monitor your child’s location via a website. The best part is you could do it without your child suspecting anything.

You offer your child a Guardian Angel stylish cell phone with tracking software installed in it. You can then track his or her location at any time through Guardian Angel’s secure website.

The phone works by receiving Global Positioning System (GPS) signals. The collected location data is then sent through the cell phone networks and then through the Internet to your computer. You can get the Map view, Satellite view or Hybrid (map and satellite) view of your child’s location.

The additional attractive features are the ability to track down your child’s location in the past month and also know the phone’s battery and the GPS signal strengths.

When you sign up for the service, you’ll be given a username and password for you to log on to the secure website. On logging on, you can detect the location of your child’s cell phone. You can also make use of the `bread crumb’ trail feature to follow the trail of your child to the current location.

You’ll also find the Speed Monitoring feature useful if your child is traveling in a vehicle or driving one. It will show the speed of the vehicle and the direction in which it is moving.

The Guardian Angel cell phone which works through the BOOST Mobile network has a limitation though. You can’t generally track your child if he or she is indoors unless he or she is near an open window. Still, you get to know where your child’s last location is.

The Guardian Angel cell phone could only be used in North America. You buy prepaid service according to your needs. There are three phone models available with prices ranging from $85 to $149 and each comes with $5 worth of free minutes. You can only buy the phone if you sign up for the child tracking service. Additional fees include $50 for account setup (one-time fee) and a monthly fee of $30 for unlimited access to the tracking website. Quite reasonable considering the peace of mind you’ll have in regards to your child’s safety. You can sign up for the service by visiting www.guardianangeltech.com.

Before you do so, you could do well to watch the flash video on the website to see how Guardian Angel’s child monitoring system works. You could also use the Guardian Angel phone to keep track of senior citizens and adults with special needs.


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