How to Train a Sheltie Puppy


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Dogs 
Published on 10-01-2009

Shelties, otherwise known as Shetland sheepdogs, are fairly easy to train and make incredible companions. Getting a sheltie while it’s still a puppy is a great way to properly train and bond with your pet. Shetland sheepdogs are usually friendly and are great around children. Training your sheltie puppy can be a bit difficult and time consuming but the end results are definitely worth the effort.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Treat Your Pet

It’s important to start training your sheltie puppy immediately after bringing him home. This will help your sheltie learn the rules of the house and begin following them immediately to avoid confusion. Whenever your dog follows directions, reward him with a treat or new toy. This will encourage him to engage in positive behavior for future rewards.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Herding Dogs

New pet owners should be aware that shelties are from a herding group and therefore are naturally trained to chase. While these dogs are naturally programmed to chase moving animals, they also do well with chasing balls or other pet toys. This will help your dog use his natural instincts as well as give him a great physical workout.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Head of the Pack

When you first get a dog, they are always on the defense and trying to figure out who’s the head of the pack. Dogs are naturally pack animals and it’s important to show your sheltie puppy that you are the pack leader. Showing your leadership to your dog will make him much easier to train as he will follow commands much better. Establishing boundaries is always the best choice.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Praise Words

When training your sheltie puppy, you want the dog to know the words “good” and “bad”. When the puppy does something good or follows a rule, excitedly say “good” to the dog and give him a treat or toy. When the puppy disobeys a rule, simply say “bad” in a stern voice and walk away.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Housebreaking

Housebreaking a sheltie puppy or any puppy for that matter can be a difficult and frustrating task. Be aware that puppies, much like infants, do not have full capabilities of their internal organs yet. Do not get overly angry if your puppy has an accident once in awhile since they will not have full control until they are about 6 or more months old. Simply place the puppy on newspaper or outdoors if it’s warm whenever they have an accident. It’s also important to let the puppy outdoors or in a cage where they can go to the bathroom at least every 2 hours.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Stay Gentle but Stern

When training your sheltie puppy, you should always keep a memo in the back of your mind that the dog is still a puppy and will need time to learn all the rules. There is no need for harsh training or punishments when the puppy breaks a rule. Simply do not give the dog a treat or toy when they disobey.

How to Train a Sheltie Puppy: Conclusion

Sheltie puppies, or Shetland sheepdogs as they are commonly known, can be loyal and a man’s best friend. Training a sheltie as a puppy can make the future years much easier and happy for both the dog and the owner. Use the simple tips above to help train your sheltie puppy.


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