How to Transition to a New School


Authored by Jody Morse in Education
Published on 07-02-2009

For young and even older children, it can be very difficult to transition to a new school. Whether the new school is near or far, it can be very hard for any child to give up old friends and make new ones. Here are some tips on how to transition to a new school.

Timing is Key to Transition

It is important to keep in mind that timing plays a major role in how easy a transition to a new school can go. Depending on the school district, there are two good times to make the move. The first is at the very beginning of a school year. The second is during January, since many school districts operate on block scheduling. Students begin the school year in four classes and then after winter break, they begin new courses with new classmates. Of course, there are many factors which may prevent moving during the right time but if you can do so, it will make the transition easier for the student.

Encourage Children to Get Involved

If you encourage your child to get involved in school sports or other extra-curricular activities, it is likely that he will be quicker to make new friends. Since your child’s biggest worry about transferring schools is probably fitting in, it is likely that this will probably help things go a lot smoother. Various studies have shown that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities are also less likely to become involved with drugs or alcohol, which will probably ease up any worries that you may have as a parent.

Begin Making Friends With Neighbors

One of the first places that your child may be able to make new friends is with neighbors. It is likely that the neighbors probably have children who go to the same school. Do not be shy about going over to their house with your child, to introduce yourselves. Even if your child does not become the best of friends with the neighbors’ children, at least they will know somebody when they get on the bus during their first day of school. This can make the whole day seem as though it will go a lot smoother.

Don’t Forget About Old Friends

The last thing that your child wants to hear when transferring to a new school is that they are no longer going to see or hear from their old friends again. Encouraging your child to talk to their friends through instant messaging, e-mail, or telephone can make them feel a lot better. If you live close enough, try to arrange days when your child can actually see their old friends.

Moving to a new school district can be very hard for any child. Choosing the right time to move, encouraging your child to get involved, making friends with new neighbors, and allowing contact with old friends will all make the transition to a new school go a lot smoother for your child. It might take awhile but over time, your child is likely to feel right at home at their new school!


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