How to Transplant a Large Bush


Authored by Ariana R. Cherry in Gardening
Published on 08-31-2009

A good time to transplant a bush, or any flower is usually in the autumn time. Be sure to do it before the first frost hits though. Transplanting can be a little tricky at times, but as long as you get all of the roots without damaging it, you can move your favorite bushes and plants to other areas in the yard.

The first thing to do is to get a spade, and make a circle around the outside of the bush. Create a trench around the circle, and then begin to loosen up the soil. You can use a fork to loosen the soil and the root ball part of the plant. By loosening up the soil, you can make the weight of the bush lighter. Be sure to be gentle, and try not to damage the roots of the bush.

After you have loosened up the soil, begin to try to get under the bush. Use your spade to try to separate the roots from the soil. If you seem to be having trouble separating the roots, you can cut through the bottom of the roots to pull it from the ground.

Once the bush has been removed from the ground, find some burlap, or something to tie around the roots until you get it transplanted. You will need something to hold the roots together while it is in transit. Be sure that it is secure, but not too tight either.

Begin looking for another place to plant your bush if you haven’t done so already. Make sure that it has a similar environment from where it was before. Dig a new hole for the bush, but be sure that it will be big enough to hold its roots. Also be sure the hole is wide enough to allow it plenty of room to breathe too. When you begin to replant your bush, be sure that it has the same soil level as it did in its last spot. Add about a third of other soil mixture that has plant food and nutrients in it. Then add another third that contains organic matter such as sand so that it can drain. Last of all, add a third of topsoil.

Once the bush has been transplanted, and you have added all of the necessary soil, pat it down gently. Give the bush plenty of water, and then add some mulch. Continue to water it on a daily basis. Be sure to give the bush a little bit of extra care, so that it can recover from the shock of being transplanted. Once it has recovered, you can begin to enjoy your plant in its new home.


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