How to Treat a Concussion

Concussions are one of the most common types of head injuries that can occur. They can often be sports related, vehicular accidents, or be the result of a fall. Concussions are the result of when the brain has been jostled inside the skull. Concussions must be treated promptly to keep from any further complications occurring.

As soon as you know that a person could be possibly suffering from a concussion, or have a serious injury to the head area, get medical treatment immediately. Stay with the injured person until help arrives. Be sure to keep them still and try to avoid any movement if possible. Should there be a car accident, or it is necessary to move them away from danger, do so very carefully. Do not let the person walk away by themselves or on their own.

Some symptoms of a concussion may include a severe headache, light sensitivity, double vision, nausea, or loss of coordination. In serious cases, a person may also lose consciousness. To examine if there it is a more serious injury, check to see if their pupils are of unequal size. If the patient seems to be experiencing any pain, allow them to take an over the counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen. Also be sure to increase their fluid intake as well.

An individual who has suffered from a concussion may also experience some emotional irritability too. Some emotional symptoms may include disinterest, an unusual amount of irritability (if they weren’t easily irritated before), difficulty concentrating, mood swings, or sleepiness.

To keep the injured person alert, ask them simple questions. This can help you decide how much impaired he/she may be, and to keep them awake. Some easy questions to ask them could consist of the current day’s date, their name, birthday, or ask them how they are feeling.

Be sure to keep the person’s head cool until help arrives. Keep it cool by using a cool compress such as an ice pack or a damp cloth. Keeping the area cool will help to keep the area from swelling. Should the person need to rest, do not let them sleep for more than two hours. Let them lay quietly until help can get there.

Remember to keep in mind that all types of head injuries can be serious. Even if the person may not appear to be severely injured, always seek medical assistance. While there may not be bleeding or anything showing on the outside, there could always be internal damage. Seek assistance right away, and always get the medical advice of a doctor.


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