How to Treat Panic Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Panic anxiety attacks are often treated with any number of medicines that are now out on the market. The problem with these medicines is that they sometimes leave you dizzy, hazy, or otherwise confused as you go about your daily routine. They almost always leave you addicted if you are taking any kind of strength at all. There are exceptions to this, but as a rule, medicines for panic attacks are designed to do nothing more than mask the problem.

Ultimately, you will need to come off of the medicines as they are designed to be used only in the short term. If you have not dealt with the panic attack problems, they often will return. This is a very scary proposition for those that suffer from the panic attacks. Rather than wait around for your panic attacks to get better by themselves, how about going out and actually finding some solutions that can help you beat them naturally?

One outstanding technique is called biofeedback. In laymen’s terms, this is when you are hooked up with a number of sensors on your body to measure your stress levels and tension levels in your body. It is amazing how high these levels tend to be in people that suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. As you learn to relax certain areas of your body, you will see the changes on the feedback screen to your stress levels. So much of panic attacks is mysterious, and this biofeedback really helps to give the panic attacks a face. It shows that with some practice, and a good feel for how your body reacts to relaxation techniques, you can control the body and its reaction to the panic attack experience.

Another great natural solution for panic attacks is to modify your diet. Food and drink can truly make a panic attack worse, or at least set the stage for the optimal conditions in which to have one. Caffeine, alcohol, high fat foods, and even eating to quickly has been known to make a panic attack worse. Caffeine in particular seems to be one of the biggest culprits, and should be eliminated from your diet if you suffer from panic attacks regularly. Alcohol not only is not good for panic attacks, but it also can get you into a lot of other tricky situations later in life with liver disease and alcoholism.

Finally, cognitive therapy is one of the more successful treatments out there for panic disorder. Even though panic disorder is felt throughout the body, the disorder itself can be fought in the brain. Learning how to think is something that we learn when we are young. If certain things get learned in a dysfunctional way, or if we learn some bad associations, it can cause problems later in life. The panic attack is a response to thought. This is the basis behind cognitive therapy, and it has helped to cure some of the most helpless cases of panic and anxiety disorder known.

Sometimes you must try a number of different therapies to find the right combination for you. Any one of these solutions might be the one that a panic sufferer needs to solve their problem. Then again, maybe all or none can help. It is very important that they try every possible solution out there to discover which solution is right for them and their personal panic attack problem. This list is not an all inclusive list of natural solutions by any means.


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