How to Tune up Your Car

In today’s day and age, almost everyone owns a vehicle. Maintaining your car on your own will save you a lot of money. In addition to routine maintenance such as oil changes, you should tune-up your car at least every 35,000 to 65,000 miles, or every two years. In order to gain a better understanding of your vehicle, you will need a copy of the vehicle’s owner manual. You should also check-out some basic maintenance books from the library. These references will help you locate key parts on your vehicle.

Once you have your references, you will need to purchase supplies. You will need tools, oil filters, oil, air filter, spark plugs, distributor caps, and a tire pressure gauge. Large retail stores like Wal-mart and Target sells most of these items. Anything that you can’t find in these stores are in specialty automobile shops such as Autozone.

Here are the basic steps that you need to take to tune your own car: First, you should take out the fuel filter and replace it with a new one. Next, it is important to change the spark plugs. If these plugs are attached permanently to the distributor cap, you will also need to change the cap. Next, you will need to change the rotor if you car is older and has one. Some older cars also have condensers and points that must be changed. Unless you have a car with hydraulic valves, you will need to replace the valve-cover gasket and adjust the valves. Next, you must replace any work belts.

The oil and oil filter need to be changed if you have not replaced them for over 3,000 miles. The air filter must be replaced every 15,000 miles. The throttle bore, and throttle plate need to be cleaned too, so that air is filtered through without clogging the system. Next, you should top off any fluids. Many people overlook the step of servicing the battery. To service the battery, you need to clean the cable ends and the terminals. Some batteries require you to add distilled water. The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve should be replaced. Finally, you should rotate your tires, and then check the tire pressure to ensure that they are at the correct level. All of these steps are necessary to complete a full service.

If you don’t feel comfortable tuning your car on your own, you can always take the vehicle to a dealership, or to one of the local shops in your area. Many dealerships will tune up your car for free the first time that you take your car into the service department if your vehicle is new and under warranty. Subsequent tune-ups can cost a lot of money. In order to save money, you should call various places and get quotes. Local auto shops can be cheaper, but this isn’t always the case. One question to ask is how long the tune-up will take. If it is more than a day, you may need to factor in the cost of a rental car, unless you go to a dealership that provides a loaner.

No matter whether you choose to do it on your own, take your automobile to a local shop, or take your car into a dealership, you need to tune-up your car. If you take care of your car, you will be safer on the roads. Plus, you will save a lot of money in the long run by servicing your car on a routine basis.


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