How to Turn a Friend Into a Boyfriend


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Dating
Published on 10-22-2009

Being friends with someone automatically creates a bond between the two of you. But what do you do when you suddenly find you want more than friendship from your male friend? You already get along great and can’t stop thinking about him. There are several simple ways to help turn your friend into your boyfriend.

First of all, admit to yourself that he’s more than just a friend in your eyes. If you’re the least bit unsure, you could ruin your chances and possibly your friendship. Once you’re certain, start paying close attention to how he feels. Does he flirt? Does he seem interested in anyone else? Does he prefer spending time with you over his other friends? These are all great signs that he feels the same for you.

If he doesn’t show any signs, show him how you feel. Try spending more time together. Invite him over to watch movies or even cook dinner for him. The more time you spend together, the closer you’ll become. If you can’t spend time alone together, consider asking another couple to go out with you. Spending time with another couple will help show your male friend that you are interested and also get him interested in you.

Try to be a better friend. Become more involved in his interests if possible. Be there for him if something goes wrong. Ask about his day. Basically, try to be his best friend. Be someone he can count on. However, don’t forget about your own needs or let him take advantage of you. The idea is that if you’re a better friend, he will be too, which leads to a closer relationship.

Add in light flirting and touches when you’re together. If possible, hug him when you get a chance. The combination of flirting and brief physical contact is a blatant sign that you’re interested in him. In addition to flirting, compliment him. Think of all the things that attracts you to your male friend and turn those into compliments. This helps draw him closer to you.

Now that you’ve become closer to your male friend and given him a chance to get used to the idea of how you feel, it’s time for the big talk. Ask him out on a date. If you’re not comfortable asking him on a date until you know exactly how he feels, set him down and ask him. Tell him how you feel and that you want him as a boyfriend.

Be patient if he doesn’t give you an answer right away. Many guys are afraid of dating friends for fear that it will damage the friendship. Quell his fears by reminding him of how well the two of you have gotten along and how hanging out together isn’t much different from dating. Convince him to go out on at least one date. After the first goodnight kiss, he’ll have no more problems with the idea.

Turning a friend into a boyfriend isn’t difficult. Treat him like a boyfriend to help him see how you feel. After a few weeks or months, ask him out on a date. After a wonderful night out together, he’ll be happy to be both your friend and boyfriend.


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