How to Use a Weight Loss Chart Effectively


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues 
Published on 11-24-2008

Weight loss charts have become very important tools to every dieter and using one effectively can be the difference between great results and frustrating failure. A weight loss chart will take some time and effort on your part, but it can be an effective motivating tool to aid you in your weight loss journey. Every extra advantage that you can get while trying to lose weight can be beneficial. Here is how to use a weight loss chart to add another advantage:

What Exactly Is a Weight Loss Chart Anyway?

A weight loss chart is quite simply a record of your results. These results could be how many inches you lost, how much weight you have lost, or even how much food you have consumed in a certain period of time. The weight loss chart is designed to help you see where you came from, but more importantly, where you wish to go in your weight loss journey.

Where Do I Get A Weight Loss Chart?

Weight loss charts are available all over the Internet, but you can certainly design your own as well. A good weight loss chart will lay out the information that you wish to track. For example, some women want to specifically lose weight around the waist. This is very easy to track with a weight loss chart by drawing out a series of columns on paper that each represent a week. Each week, fill in the measurement of your waistline. Date each one so that you can actually see the results over time. This is beneficial so that you can see the progress, but it is equally important to chart what is working in your weight loss journey.

How Do I Make a Weight Loss Chart Work For Me?

A weight loss chart will only be series of words and numbers if you do not use it properly. In the example above, you would want to look at the results and note those times when you saw significant changes. It is during those times that you should notice what you did differently. Did you add a new exercise to the mix? Did you change a diet principle? A weight loss chart can show you each of these things. Pay attention to when a change in weight and a change in habit starts and begins. Often you can unlock your weight loss key. Every person has a slightly different one, and the weight loss chart helps to identify it.

A weight loss chart is only as effective as the person that is using it. You must be very persistent to fill in the information regularly, and then follow up on the results. If you take the time to see what the weight loss chart is telling you, then you can certainly find the things that are helping you to lose weight the most effectively. Knowing this is the key to unlocking your weight loss success story, and moving on to a better, healthier you.


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