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How to wear high heels comfortably and smoothly

  • By Charles T.Harris
  • Published 11/29/2010
  • Article Writing

High-heeled shoes are every woman¡¯s favorite. Because women will look more beautiful and slender when wearing high heels. Although painful, many women are still fond of high-heeled shoes very much. Since it is the case, it is necessary for us to know how to wear the high-heeled shoes more comfortably. Here are some tips. 1. Seek a pair of high heels which fits your feet exactly The shoes can not be too big or too small. Most of the pain is caused by the feet sliding forward excessively. If the shoes are too big, it will let your feet move forward, increasing the pressure. If the shoes are too small, it will cause pain for the toes. As a result, a pair of high heels which suits your feet can help to ease the pain. 2. Use a shoe-pad The shoe-pad should be placed inside the shoes, which can help relieve the pain. A pair of good shoe-pad can cushion the pressure and the strong wallop to our feet. Some people even have special insoles to support the arches of feet. Besides, you can also select a beautiful shoe-pad, which will make you happier. 3. Pay attention to the tilt angle of the high heels A pair of high heels with proper tilt angle will make you feel more comfortable. The slope of the shoes should be gradual, to match the radian of your feet. In this way, this shoes can reduce the pain for your feet. 4. Platform shoes The platform shoes can help you to get a better balance, and share the pressure evenly. In addition, wear different high-heeled shoes with different height alternately can help reduce the pain. And you will walk more smoothly with a pair of platform shoes. In brief knowing how to wear high heels needs some understanding of the feet. High heels are fashionable but they will do harm for us more or less. Even the most careful heel wearer may experience some discomfort at the end of the day. So, when choosing the high heels, you should be more considerate. Don¡¯t wear high heels for such a long time and let your leg have a good rest.


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